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1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/4wE2yu4yYi-znijLv51mmw/yCcqHf0x-NnVAcM3JwgDIaDVZrYIVx0Qwb-NigYb6WHdTbyAA9bax0fj7PCXmMjj4XqJcBJy1X2TUhi6smcR2KTkCTf5KCQy93zQLGhj1L6ZSy4FRl3BGEvIrDegGacf_zhnEeAKe0V2s5KB1DNZogJkQqQb-XegZVN1Ezldd_0/la6fpZmxvSaFCSK_3OdyecZtzecWhM7J7njtzScMMwc


Austin & Graves Dog Bread Advertising Card

Heavy cardboard card with the image of ‘Nimrod” a famous Irish Setter from the 1890’s. 7”x 5 ½”. This card is c1890 as this company was the precursor to the Austin Animal Food Company of Boston. Excellent condition. Very early dog bread advertising item.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/oWJXzKRy32YNLJVFeVce_Q/GeWOJXkpBXdVOMAfg_cCnIrZSycnIQWzZ9K4q--u09kgRGeKFqP5_3Y2JWRe07iFG2lpMtWWhxsmzFKaiymdqMnMAz_Ck3BXhAplN8XFU-j16fFC7VziF75SQQhuvdYL4YAXtFX46fKqqH1dhbnc7_GR8VsbAtDXTzh5GYj_xis/OruJRIcA3Q3hY7GPFhUfZZ6vUqtvjJhJ6PDxtq9o6k0


Austin’s Dog Bread Magic Lantern Slide

Reverse printed and colored glass slide from the Kansas City Slide Company. (Please Google magic lanterns to get the full history) Slides such as this were shown in projectors with a light source. Lanterns were used for entertainment and educational purposes at their height in 1850-1920s. Just like today at the moves, multiple advertising slides would precede and end whatever viewing entertainment was produced. 4”x 3 ¼”. Slight marring of the glass in the upper left corner. Very unusual advertising item to amaze your friends with your historical knowledge!!

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/WnEXleX_4cBjwGEHWdjPyg/7XpXio9GvnZrgikYHcVlPZs2gGCEhuO1NCcdJcBTMhEqB8kb65i32XY31ZD_zok7dntJuyfga0IHvRd7nqzCQLKyuGwQdF7Vp6_BE3prqkrSn2tPOxeUGY_ljEne5giYSaZo3cPt6v3QYspKcmILralQtcAggPR51SL0QE_UsMg/5ocOQNgpqE_Dm_YTQOzdvXqovjZQQXn2to4GorxZ3OM


Austin’s Dog Bread Wooden Crate

Wooden shipping crate with stenciled end panels from the Austin Dog Bread Animal Food Company of Chelsea, Mass. 18”x 12”x 8”. “DOG BREAD’ was the earliest name for commercially available dog food. Several companies produced dog bread including Dr. Daniels’ and Pratt’s. Austin’s was one of the first to do so in America. Crate is c1900. Great dog go-with item for display.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/6zdx65yXTGN1yRF7pTSeMQ/uyUU_U1kyuwIUm1j9822LDUDBxFQGnUIPzbLL6b0mm6ZpyoodW_OLVljeonijWudsu-lJs-RifrWo9pHw3gTsMKDv_i3Wu-Z4de0eHjTNV4xQeSGoRMmwHEouMepd6gLM__Oivr_EbDDNSMKPnyo3F-VNkPl-lAEVMQx-4N4cdk/6KuCWQGKagCfLcioQHQGlexER5doKapTubCLNx2c4Hk


Barker’s Horse, Cattle & Poultry Powder Sign, “THE UNMANAGEABLE CALF”

Framed paper sign advertising their Horse, Cattle, and Poultry Powder. The colorful and action packed illustration certainly would have attracted attention, just as it will in your collection. The caption on the piece is “THE UNMANAGEABLE CALF.” The roped calf has knocked over the lady who has landed on the bulldog and lost her umbrella. The expression on the dog’s face is priceless. 18 ½”x 12” overall. There is some minor scuffing and a small hole in the barn area that is hard to see without close inspection. It appears the frame slightly cuts into the image, especially at the bottom edge. I have not examined the sign out of the frame to see if there is paper loss or just a poor frame job. As is, an action packed image ready to hang on your wall.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/fK9K4BBDA3SQ-w5lGI-C2A/4KHIKvTibVLYh91XH1Bm6_PmawNllJkqfbDSSHDrQVo9ldVcQwQBJ-Se7mml-qr4cGn_nlqQdOh6M4zUf_z6dcs7D3iAF-OMZHfjDVv_lFd29xahDydQrl-vbvrKMAFMKjZ2NHMEBJuMIqLw-AJdSiOaZrrr1hFvDW9Roco52kg/1dAvLJB9xRLrBzoOzj4UWFN2qvdyEc00hKPzw7uH9uE


Bee Dee Colic Remedy Shipping Crate

Wooden shipping crate from the Bee Dee Medicine Company of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Stenciled in red on the front and back. 11”x 11”x 8”. Very few medicines or advertising has ever shown up from this company. We sold this crate in our auction in 1997 and have not seen another example in 27 years.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/-cjdrxRZvfXe8YJt1yMTuw/iRHZNN6rUFxPbywpcAFUDYdrNX2Nnor7cmDcdPe0YdsGv_mZlGCOuZFswI19-UGpyPQdF2EdB3J00xB75j4xV0hozgfARrMOXqAiJOv9n3wNwLxiQrE9CkQC8Tz0oiHzdDlV3MAfQCakMnLL6-CUabLxLr0-yPutbvbcWdHIN-U/9PbfvqXmKtvRBzzlfz__QGk2QelNnNiky8DjA_teL8shttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/woWvwT8luLhX_XLQuHTSoQ/w2Ht_88jQQMRJXZLI1uI1kKCELCPGO2evscvJqOWOGmvycuaesmssC6xApZ42v5ho4Ysd-BgTJlCOwBcoi2OzcPleSUJlEPoHTNXpf7tXpgRVj2i3UaOBD0KzeRS6-viT6BVoBa33aOLsiH4vBQ9226WmwVsbHH5-Wy3AXZwzQs/wwD9X3DtXRF2GFso6eWDpyQO_nWil8tXqZhxncoU__A


Bell’s Great Animal Cures Flange Sign

Porcelain, double sided veterinary flange sign. 20”x 12”. Flange signs mount out from the wall instead of mounting on the wall. This way the sign can be seen on both sides. It has great color but does have some damage as you can see from the photos. Veterinary flange signs are quite scarce with less than ten different examples known overall. This Dr. Bell’s example was previously unknown to me. There is some question as to which Dr. Bell’s Animal Cures this sign refers too. There was a Dr. Bell in New York City c1880 who sold animal cures, but there were also different Dr. Bell’s veterinary medicines sold in Canada, and in England. A great sign is a great sign and this one will be impressive on your wall.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/4goaOlGRtXOpjEv-Lc0Hnw/yI3kBXMTq5TRN0yxR15EgD-5fccKWAA3ESWaZAD1W5RO-k8WfooxbTG683ZBh0PolZKUjilnykvfDJt-lyISoWg0xKscr94pzI2ZrHV2X9KCeoth7t1UytoTPnIQOOacpnUrMyLbj_p7C91vWuE8yqTxnB2oCVo36oKh9cyO9eA/LwZTSjQCDZZo2GLp6HYBrVzNgXIq4IA9uS9NzPj64-Q


Columbia Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet

Wooden cabinet with front tin panel from the F. C. Sturtevant Company of Hartford, Connecticut. They named their line of stock medicines “Columbia Veterinary Remedies.” This style tin is one of three variations the company manufactured over the years and is considered the FIRST VARIATION c1890-1900. 29”x 21 ½”x 7 ½”. There are three interior shelves, original lock but no key. The cabinet is original and truly a barn find, as there is still petrified hay on some of the shelves. The tin front, as you can see from the photograph has suffered some USE damage over the years. There are bumps, bends, and dings but overall there is no unsightly damage. The bright yellow background with black printing displays remarkably well. An extremely rare cabinet from a very desirable company to collect. My estimate would be $2000-4000 but this is selling without reserve to the highest bidder.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/kDI613di_Hfwy-ttsASx2Q/CFLVkE4Kq0A_Pd_bNBBbXdPBf8YhWCqnXDMx5r_xuO6vNeSYk-Sy5F0y1nqy5sK6SQNqcvUWstrie8jXyPseDmBLxvxfFd0LjxSWe_WOeFk1MA9fRO6DCIJTdBkLniEzxUxwLm87P1qbFpaD5yGHo5sxIYg-ofa5_uuO9R8swNxdgFBXwQakVsT-d3qrnpHJ/7qmiUvmqQwXchnUgzz-gmrRkfWxuZNuHSUmxglhzqio


Dr. Daniels’ Printer’s Proof Color Pages for the “Our Moneymaker” Booklet

A set of five (5) pages of engravings from the Colorplate Engraving Company of New York showing the different color inks used to produce the finished cover for “Our Moneymaker” booklet. Front and back covers are shown. 14”x 11”. Pages are held together with one staple at the top including the cover page from the company. Edges of the pages show tears and wear as they would have been flipped back and forth many times in their life. An unusual and possibly a unique artifact from the Dr. Daniels’ Company

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ZMy1PBbKa9nqSKMVCZ77Mw/Awla31Xn75eoo_dWlXfHu83iSdPTD1LdUTE4WVZ50SYowV-BoL10be5kQePNQP3tabu6Yns504DvlrMxQYc23HTCahRpSNLfw74U_wAzDZ6xsUXryHckckDl_tE3XDjnQCRbFZsjkNBT1nDC9xTsUukp0eizDJk1kvDSk9As7To/G7H5ywUdd6Tkl54HAjzXHxyLAEhIxEh9y8Qav_JlpN4


Dr. Daniels’ Celluloid Hand Mirror

Celluloid advertising mirror with a lady and her horse and dog as the central image. The gate posts on either side have the advertising for Dr. Daniels’ Horse, Cattle and Dog Medicines. 2” diameter. Also printed on the mirror is: R. S. SHERMAN / GENERAL MERCHANDISE / RUSH, N. Y. who gave these mirrors away to his customers. Condition of the celluloid is excellent without damage.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/qvA8BoJZep9hFvnuIhR6Ng/4shycbIR1tIlEpVl-ZrJpdl-nBG5sVbDUQdtCiXMzSxw5pySoLqe__Dz3IfgWqMog9Ga5LxmbMrPx6JyfapE-YqanmLPL46BLwkEArUubVBkpgus0nhE8YK_BhBP-q0qmMHC0dSfkbONpgxhTZIlYWKhuciHYeaWesgbcI05Nck/DKLOjklXr9pIhJOVNR8ocAQWodJFvPJysUoFSPdClfA


Dr. Daniels Celluloid Advertising Horse Medicine Button

Pinback button that would have been given away by store owners and dealers in Dr. Daniels’ Medicines c1900. The image on the button is of the famous “snickering horse” with his teeth showing. 7/8” diameter. Condition is excellent to near mint with no damage. A super Dr. Daniels’ give-away item and quite scarce. This is one of the most desirable Dr. Daniels’ Give-away items.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/v4w9nWhWOT2glcCfn8H5CQ/Fg423GWDzrZjdJpR3PK6FQwkmt180UVqldyfQysHREg6mYEzMqNjDxYDD04vf7BGpmGv7Eyihps8KCHg7l7s0hAK_24iOuP40hGQGAwhIudNM0L94Apt-OXu2Qe-56MXfs_6caaUpuD-FGfSGAITj_3Uy6bPdPwy6ytA4SFbWzB1rOv-d18M0dZR9MmyF4d1/TMMNMCM9Hplt8Tp6-r8HFg6GG1qjfFODGPyj4cZqsyk


Dr. Daniels’ Advertising Mirror

ONE OF THE RAREST DANIELS’ ADVERTISING ITEMS AVAILABLE TO STORE OWNERS. Printed, heavy cardboard with mirror inserted between front and back sections. Hanging hole at the top corner and originally would have had a small, printed calendar attached under the word “DOGS.” Currently, beautifully framed and ready to hang on your wall. Overall size is: 14”x 14”. There is corner wear at all corners, but displays extremely well and is one of ONLY THREE OR FOUR EXAMPLES CURRENTLY KNOWN. McMurray Drug Store Auctions I believe sold an example in 1998, no auction records exist past that. I personally know of one in a collection in North Carolina and one in Pennsylvania, in addition to this example. The McMurray sale may or may not be one of these three but a fourth example.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/8KKlDqrilkHOZtbq9JcELg/qZ0uB5i7gkxsKtOJpCmliOFVa96LHYHhfeXY90I5eMm9VBIlETqAxr03B3Ff7iQYaGpvUjd0jZVbzH1M_EZZ1ZcSHhEhOQ_FdzERGeSTh24B8Y1LUFC3RYJDBq_ZseF9SyAADTh3esbOXfhFQaSJiTgznkG0SbWAzJQ_diT394E/-i1FDsZ9-dwW7xk67z8RCv8Bjf3GBcIJCM_v1f3pfeQ


Dr. Daniels’ Poster, “Snowbound”

Advertising poster depicting an elderly couple trapped in their “Snowbound” home. The Mister is holding a bottle of Dr. Daniels’ Oster-Cocus Liniment while his wife is reading the directions from a Dr. Daniels’ booklet. The meaning, I would presume, would be that he can’t seek Human medical help, so he can rely on Dr. Daniels’ Liniment to fix his aches and pains. There is a framed image of Dr. Daniels’ on the couple’s wall. In addition, a framed sign of the Dr. Daniels’ “snickering horse” can be seen on the back wall as well. A box of Dr. Daniels’ Renovator Powders is seen on the window seat that may be their next treatment. The poster is currently mounted on mat board. 20”x 15 ½” including the full white border. Poster is in excellent condition except for a couple of small water stains affecting only the white border and one short tear in the top border only. The image appears to be undamaged. An outstanding Dr. Daniels advertising poster, ready to frame.

3 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/-9XjVepktPjp9JhiKa-2kg/cEFMyQ1exujplyhr115-oXAF7sNZMVtB95LDNVuN7aX0QzgtfMvhYrLBfSLIXWvU333xMZH8AWZOQT2BsJEGdW_7fNkESbxfdAJojmYKofsghSfQumomsKn--eFe-sWSav1R7TtuZOkEZp87kpED6ZD0DZFev0yPC4yS3Z9bNkQ/SQjfJIPaSDYz2CMb-miEqmvFrdb5lmNKyrjIIrxFWGMhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/_OuZBKavSCjMlpiyC7JcCQ/4c5_B6w2PYwNH7V5d8unjFzCRKuhpG5PFgwjCaWGk7Zhy7ZgqRTusXL2xDVsDqY7IcCfPzdF5xThMaFZoK8Zrkae8ImPFoAQ3SY5I2i5zkwZaKUCAz2RMSHafAS641auAXKtoEoRfNXEa5FDqSAOVSMk3I5Z6UzI3QMpZO-JK18/UKMKK73DgOVfKFSrkFoKb98f-s0TwpYAJhKZTt-naG0https://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/48XDzhPUINGqzMLKbJwy2w/GjGpYA4pnkrGSp76u2tZ8DCA5OT5r7-5u4D8GRUI5Pw6ebyh_7StaSepL3c8qWwMdLPKnUW4srMaqZnDyDZL6GA2Q8RoIDk0yHQXaR-yWnSu8k5HQkWSezeENbXsPBXseXoEwU8MgTV_dU0kenWJuOjQlIfMqZfZS45Nb2kOiWQ/HUe-3Meyvx6y0kCN3QRUnUyiCFg8aZM2oH9EoFKwmbo


Dr. Daniels’ 2nd Variant Tin Front Display Cabinet, with Full-size Cardboard Insert

Wooden display cabinet that would have been used to sell Daniel’s remedies in country stores, stables, and blacksmith shops c1900. Dr. Daniels’ face and illustrations of all his medicines are on the top portion of the tin front, while a list of his medicines and their prices are on the bottom portion. This is identified as the second variant tin front as this style has the medicines Physic Ball and Witch Hazel at the bottom. An earlier style is missing these medicines and a later style has no medicines listed at all. 29”x 21”x 8”. This cabinet retains its original finish. Original lock is in place. A small knob has been added to open and close the door. There is damage to the cabinet’s upper corners where a piece of the wood has chipped off. The tin front is generally toned but there are no objectionable scratches or damage. WHAT MAKES THIS CABINET POTENTUALLY UNIQUE??? Inside the cabinet door is a FULL-SIZE cardboard insert illustration of the first generation Dr. Daniels’ cabinet tin. This insert is missing the Physic Ball and Witch Hazel names at the bottom of the medicine lists, like the original tin panels. No one knows for sure why the Daniels’ Company made these inserts or how many were produced. Speculation is that these inserts were taken out of the cabinets and used as signs, either framed, nailed on a wall or fence, or placed in a store window as advertising. Over the years, I’ve seen one of these inserts in a cabinet, replacing the tin panel and I’ve seen one example framed, as a sign. However, this is the ONLY EXAMPLE I’ve ever seen with the insert still in place in a cabinet. The insert is in excellent condition with just one short edge tear and what looks like a white paint drip at the top. This cabinet is being sold without reserve or starting bid as the consigner feels the uniqueness of the cabinet and the auction process will determine the market value to collectors.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/9TtH5c5uqnr-mMqFJefUuQ/msCIEdKZqARjjuQkHZnxK4L725JEDCJODJgjeOpaOoCYn4qQvEk0NSEmCyQQ6j9ZAswvySZRQJ9zNa0kw7v-YZPXKL0_oZ2rpzE6W4DmYA_p1x-aOo8mxu0Lil1zOlKYg7Rrcp2c7DeXqbhKCvU-gnbAa1X6-Os7HR8PGpVCq8Q/MVb43iEnb1huiPp594Z0oa1YVNcp39IK7x2y8m3BBmc


Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Medicines Advertising Thermometer

Painted, wooden advertising thermometer with Dr. Daniels’ advertising. 24”x 5”. This is a more desirable example with double Dr. Daniels’ advertising at the top and bottom. Famous Veterinary Medicines at the top and a list of his remedies at the bottom including Gall Cure and Colic Cure. There is wear to the painted surface due to exposure to the elements, but still displays pretty well. The thermometer is present, but not working.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/IBBpU0b8PNfw__mIph3hww/hZB1RRfDL9KiDK0LNl5GrKuvqbflGzQBR1IDYj0rvSokTrYz3y_NsXMCTgKBz6mHI7cYpfmnKAIKYNDUFFWayooH0fNoUbGQYbdYwbwLKhTVn19XOLzigbLFIK9Cqept-J2gpVYq7mDGrpAyFXKWqDSjwGOWe2gs-mq9hWxF8w4/l1dPXqDiI0tP76fnIwfvTEv42OmW-q88YdjDK6JkEzA


Dr. Daniels’ Dog & Cat Remedies Cardboard Sign

Cardboard sign, 11 ½”x 7”. Silver background with blue printing. There is some hard to describe scattered foxing to the silver and a crease to the upper right corner. The crease could be framed out with a mat. Any dog and cat advertising of this age is scarce.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/10pCa_U5juYYt_i1E36EvQ/5dksnXy44UTGGZmDmjBYUi5x5bt3jRLczlXNlPUN38n5Q70JWJHNOh35TTGDCvL4IkIx-NpDnSGpQno4yLFGYBBRbKJWoWw1GAGfIv7rulYwrRhCsMGwxo9Ri7FVQBjnW7Pkl8eqEZFUkAENiRvsSlWn9qMJ42zvZcJZv1waU9Y/2DQYVoeCuwEIUdRb9LKi3bEHMU704vOyhrhND3UYZM4https://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Cq8v58N336bzVkdfT_F6wQ/S5JmSaWhyTyhWZmQ9Kmvq-4xs5CNl2-CCi-NMfzKB2PnNuInkcgwKZciMRyDQIRQCnZWHsqujUNcRdY0GViBxK7q-XhI9kCzryeZVYiK5SvLYuo4pYAxT6-FO1NWYDHT_A8mavHWpz-QirUTOGa8bibpgJfNohoB5lPDtd6aEJo/2AFBIU03pLbG7AbfCLqRTH9DDgh-BYsSkt0trBWDKHw


Humphreys’ Veterinary Specifics “Barnyard Scene Framed Tin Panel

This is an early front tin panel from a Humphreys’ Barnyard scene cabinet that was put in a wooden frame many years ago. 19”x 25”. Overall, the panel is in excellent/near mint condition. There are some very slight scratches along the edges of the panel and one small chip on the “I” in Specifics below the animal scene. I have black lighted the panel and can find no evidence of restoration or inpainting. I have to say that this might be the nicest example I have ever seen. This variation is early as it uses the word “Cures” to describe the medicines as well as “Veterinary Cure Oil” at the bottom. The later variation uses the word “FOR” to describe the medicines and “Veterinary Oil” at the bottom. There are also variations in the wording under the animal scene. In 2021 we sold an excellent cabinet example for $4500. Condition wise, this tin is superior to that example. What is the value of just the panel? You will be the judge with your high bid.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/OStdO5OHcWfvW3zRhErThQ/hgo5H7RF6zrQUqn0ytXYB5c-7g-e1mHH7CTZRh-0FgB2VFR6XzO9b8aN-Adz1jo6pJ6mqusGkJEV2pKe3JIHJBvWRxP1iMxJbMVQ1yhT27sMRWx4RFBdmWG6LCd4JOpt1FzMruhsTQEf08C_TtvnuF7zV_XXD3DIID9yebbvSCI/zn19ki445-JrNlkjyp-bkjfv9yvEgrkJxeV9EuYXWYAhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/AwGAG2qlwtaWbglkoTzPcw/4yqOF6s1plzB_29LoNjos4PmtpW6P8it-3iVki9MNu2NgxBv17UkzVDth9aL7H81YpySFdDg7MvHGwCmNdj7-_hYEcuQ2PFHBC9hDUQOKS5EJVoc8iITJtluYmln58uJz_t9Nwty__PRoCvYN-O1-DJIG2QquC518mIQzepdF_M/QJQBdBYCppjL8M_31k_fNP7JRodjIQ0T1aq43tqlWnM


Humphreys’ Veterinary Specifics ORIGINAL, Framed Embossed Horse Sign

I believe this to be an original, company framed horse head sign that was sent to some store owners as an advertisement c1900. This is an original frame with nail holes in the center of the top and bottom. 21”x 27”. There is also a very old string hanger on the reverse as well as a more modern wire hanger. Whoever attached the wire hanger was wise to leave the early sting in place to somewhat document the hanging history of the sign. The raised 3-D image of the horse head still retains traces of the original gold and silver paint on the mane and face. The original red paint on the lettering survives also. There are a few thin stress cracks in the panel. These are common in these panels as they were susceptible to extreme temperature changes over years of storage in unheated attics and basements. It appears at some point in its life a thin layer of a clear coat was applied to the panel to protect the paint. It is little known among collectors that Humphreys sent out these panels as framed pieces. One famous example surfaced many years ago, still in its original wooden packing crate, direct from the Humphreys’ Homeopathic Medicine Company of New York. This is the second example I have the privilege of bringing to auction. The estimate on this is $1500-2500 or more. The opening bid is a modest $500.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/PmW3BBbadK6qAuKL52qD3A/3YyeRsPdvcl9WCALW0JF6R4jDv4NUbrZAQZ5r4aZ4eohQ2JoFNzviuRsHOBQgTwhJihVE_M3ASOETUgFeaUiu4zgEqpuqooGD7rM4_Zugp3_e-5jdCmZCr4XPgglEl2aaJjjjg2zmEGk8xdCTmvpiu029wRbHk6s69OTagQufR8/BRQuU0kTfpWV4B7kpvTKAEgINpzy-qQ-n2Oc8bgtr4Ehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/9FtrhCVcMujTLLllrCLNnA/cZWWFYrX7bIPjYUYF4xvP0SG8oPVWTyYUMSrlhiLJBAzY0S-FiI2yAjgzaVOdrj9DsDTgnRkPaZEdb6ict-JsPGzqHQ2gt3kLfUXAeUhx9GWlhubyZXkDrBfkaFcE5AMXRyTu_WsLwUeUSTBNqqJVBwzZ_6qFgKISF7Q7XT_vGo/ks7YpqXta7gA8y8KMEuUmReMLfS9TPuXrpCEg_Ow9EA


International Stock Food Poster, #68, Hog Family Marching

This is a small format poster Illustrating the anthropomorphic hog family dressed in their Sunday finest. Father hog has two buckets of ISF on his shoulders. He with mother hog and all the piglets are marching down the road home. Poster is beautifully framed and double matted. Image size is 14”x 10” with full borders. The poster has old fold lines, being mailed that way originally. A scarce example, ready to hang on the wall.

3 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/uQqklRoWFD3e976OHwkQ7g/Hq2V-jvvejwkWWnypwwo5iZJl8sxe9j1CxjsaSPFEgVVky-eoP5hcU7W96CMq7yzmva6cPubn-IV-nCMNdkN1PWzzZ41uefSCfzmhd2yhvkdhJ1c_QGWc_9eamiU6HCUyM_9yepjbO8_6ZRM6R6N_SBJ7HqoiXp1jcXtPbmSs3o/naAwe6DQBmKodZkIlvlM3PXmbmX7tDnuRzSURhKE7-0https://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/lNOndHGCx46BMPvXUrkXCw/nOn53Oaq4wbCztrzil-cp3q14ok7KP_BfsGe5T-U_TuqRv_JJrwEWqnpHpN21TeXiAZLzetw02XlTJes6MQoa2rFhk82RjhvmX1R_1fToiUseE_9Ew-HcDaTyfwtjBo-hlS6c1sLOGTO7fz60PwMTF1xwBby_UPhA2pe8K-D-m4/tobYpzzsaFFPE_Bvn57Egasdr2HuS9KE2jmuGMBDHrAhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/GeB_6tOhG0fZDfuuOQf2Cg/IQRRy2nz3MUSMCSWdOsWQwzG16y4B2HFzK5vCQXk-Kjb0ngVKMKAA5or81JnoqJg5wzw7EgAyAyHuUBp5C0srPQ0Dcgxg8dUSlMMpnoW62TqdmK_qU0yhHI5DFJWvSEHRl4GWGwerPUb3Uq8eCjUaPhWfcPJdYil50tF_0NyxCM/t8nKp1ciAbS3uToHP0H0C6xxnnSp3uh49NUaCJOvR40


International Stock Food, Large Format, Poster #13, “International Colic Remedy”

This large format poster was offered in my September 2023 auction and sold. The poster was framed at the time and NOT examined out of the frame. The poster was removed from the frame for shipping to the high bidder and I found that my description “There are a couple of very slight creases along the left edge, not tears” was inaccurate. What I thought were creases in the paper turned out to be repaired tears in the edge when the back of the poster was revealed. We offered the winning bidder the chance to refuse the poster as purchased due to the incorrect description, which they accepted. Currently out of the frame and with additional photos available, we are reoffering this poster with the new information. The poster is 22”x 16” and is marked ISF poster #13. Since this is touting Colic Remedy, we can date it to c1910. “CURES COLIC FOR 50 CENTS.” In the middle, is a life size illustration of a package of Colic Remedy showing the stages of colic in horses. A small stain between the “T and E” in International, and a light damp stain at the right edge. The colors are bright and crisp. This is only the second example of this poster that has been offered by me or recorded in over 20 years. The last example sold in 2016 for $3800. Sold without reserve this time around. I still consider this one of the great ISF posters of all time and I do not believe the repairs significantly affect its value. You will be the judge of that.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/6qRZ0nkA7eF6TnC_2GxlLg/oI9I345Yqx23dSf-60eaSWMGYzRsFzOI3dORgBmev01d9sUSPebwLm_TnBe3zPzKQjnSl9aIoqejXgt7FCftwXZsvqtbVrAdWoEo8YcOHvg5ra4yNTIu3fiIJGuu7AFnXeoltf92lsn-pP0pdZxGirYzxLLRvfdgCcve-mmDIYU/mREpHhNEEAeE1yxOs8RllSEvSEW9WkB4A0ydpNXIkjg


Dr. Lesure’s Colic Drops Wooden Crate

Dove-tailed wooden shipping crate for one dozen Dr. Lesure’s Veterinary Colic Drops bottles.  Stenciled on one panel only. No lid. Stencil is extremely strong. 9”x 7”x 5”. Makes a great addition to any shelf display.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/46PTo2FXA9JNQjVS3kJF6Q/aFZBTL2jC8txzyMaRBlbVAYwf9EIEeEqUzLtg2mmAB2jQ9yv4MwREujDy9JEtOrfMOx6qdBkLXt8vBPB5gQKbaA-es7iZqYcLtuBJ_mMQgt-rKcSxcLfa19fUdLmXJJPom3iv5_b1u_tdanYc9F7GIWo78OoJY-dapybiyPgyzk/zlcTOKG7OPfXDkK-2cwFkqewfQBxhHaKjKQhA3ZWXxY


Old Grist Mill Dog Bread Advertising Poster

Old Grist Mill dog bread was produced by the Potter-Wrightington Company of Boston c1900. Dog Bread was the name for the first commercial dog foods available in America. Image is a Bird dog in the field. “IN THE FIELD OR AT HOME, CONDITION ON OLD GRIST MILL DOG BREAD.” 22 ½”x 19 “framed size. Slight edge wear at bottom and light damp stain in the top left corner. Ready to hang.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/RCLJi1rmdPFvtOxdnx8Zog/zbp0bVF3HQTGbtdIFtpqEtJkZlYMvTNE-yjm-z3q4wQJWwfEIBkWG0GsDlOR0xGG15M2wkfLiZSUjW9BnRbWMQ7wirutyHLoA-icyCjh8_oPWUmKLhBP-0lVYWbZEC2lHfwpGwZrYPUcN7mNYK-elLLUYV1DiCai7JV_peFzXdY/elhpCHR3VSqZi8lr3P1Px8olD2QIpXa4SFpiij731D4


Palmer’s Dog Soap Hanging Sign

Cardboard, double-sided, hanging advertisement for Palmer’s Dog Soap from Solon Palmer of New York City. 6 ¼”x 4 ½”. KILLS fleas. Excellent, undamaged condition on side shown, very slight blue ink mark on the reverse. Cool little dog soap item.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/_6yjPOFRjKmVDK-qGZrrAA/JwhE0hkZthJSWuPU_WLkouVamjbAcRUMjyM_OdGEmIejgbW0Mnl-cKu15-73BFP37Z-3xVc6cUzvhUSz7xoP9r-AWsZvsPThiXa3AXUkROGU0vOmI_WYSXjK4FTZQT9LL7baFCar8zagTlwn-wgZ08wJlN3w7n6nLEmZ_9NwutM/SMwLTun0TJD7WihGmA1-fify1rJeffUPiKsWDDWIPaA


Pratt’s Veterinary Remedies Tin Front Display Cabinet

Wooden, country store cabinet with lithographed tin front panel illustrating all of the veterinary medicines Pratt’s made c1900. 33”x 17”x 7 ½”. The Pratt’s Stock Food Company started in Philadelphia around 1870. This cabinet can be dated to the pre-1906 era by the illustration of the packages of Colic Cure and Pratt’s Heave Cure. Use of the word “Cure,” in advertising, was made illegal by the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906. This style cabinet was altered, in a later version, by deleting the words, “Pratt’s Heave Cure.” The later variation just has a blank yellow square with no printing whatever in that area of the tin. So, this cabinet, offered in this auction is thought to be the first cabinet of this style, that the Pratt’s Company produced. While all Pratt’s cabinets with product illustrations are considered rare, this first variation with the Heave Cure printing is the scarcest, in my experience. The tin panel is very bright with great colors. It does have some minor wear to the Animal Regulator image and the caption wording at the bottom. This is difficult to see without close examination and is certainly minor compared to the overall quality of the front panel. I have black lighted the panel and have found NO EVIDENCE OF RESTORATION. The cabinet itself has been refinished with the Pratts stenciled name at the top and bottom of the door, now removed. The cabinet retains its original curved pediment and lock but no key. Only a very few of these cabinets have ever come up for auction, the last example in this excellent condition was in 2006 selling for $4000. The consigner, a retired veterinarian, has requested a modest $1000 opening bid. This is an excellent chance for you to add this rare cabinet to your collection.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/rcxo35DOC-NGpcxIgTYeFg/gbo4Y3SSyrsYt94d7QnLWfV1QiZJPO6HY_xwzaZgraEM_CbKR3hKMmvQNRS5QOhwyjB-84IokO1Bw5VIM7ghvTqb1J_iA9BJ3516ZAQjajoVctE2Pn6yMAXLToo_i2HHCxaODtchLfrbhP4Aa77eEv6A4kKxS3DqOJKxhuu8wOg/qtMdQw4k-TuIoZPsnOKosy0i4tXFhZpg-Pn6O5vyYIwhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/YgHI4ZysgxifjksypRuiEg/sBISacCC4FhdPuxt4gNqxv1-ipyBW5dr7kwwt5FJ-vVKsvba239Ooq9OsWZKDtjAo_BP_i_LBpagZ5EEuZEVemlezupdqTXYVwd7RYKSRxNLClNxPwGx11owUfU56A3Xb0qgYI9ab3e-dFlQMuBdyokbxAfC-9ZxB1yWU_S1n6A/j8InbiOt4mifvsW0vHClzKIX5raAWwJjeyIhMaG7SaU


Prussian Remedy Company Advertising Fan

Cardboard fan attached to a wooden stick from the Prussian Remedy Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. 9”x 14” with the stick. The reverse, or the front is an image of three storks in a Chinese or Japanese style illustration. Advertising to send you a free copy of their 164 page stock booklet. One short tear to the bottom edge with no other damage. The only other veterinary advertising fan I have ever seen was from Merchant’s Gargling Oil.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/LI8F_u0UdqcXQf6tkZeAcA/LcPDNHFJ2TwoUkgRnRnAxDWvx_HAoYfAGFlCHoQDp4kM6FPcxqto_tsPFgf8Hx-IG2FE1lQ1MsBUr0q2_y-B7w-WX_2l7vHIL2t_pPZ0IkWrGIaMj4R6D-1gkX_jFF9RZowOsNsykpGPqVcNp02IlQ/KP71dPqH-BthlHZs-jA1uL3V-1ykcQIE9favvp3-GfAhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/xejRSO28WLgiZLyOEcZd_Q/iPcE3plfof_DBuMPx5VurOXOVJpAGDK9_bscRrliKRMv2DmmBTfigx84pBPxpFtf6jHMg7idk3dQ6F83mneOhQwhJ5hk7T0b0LdfGlnb8Gp0HJ0E4iYnnHt0cUhX_hxO90WsxV--Q3K5WLsLrqOhsA/E2xUdfIlXm1iEMFeI3Rn92CjppKjzYFLRO32lzAvcCI


Security Remedy Company Wooden Ruler

This is a 6” wooden ruler produced by the Security Remedy Company of Minneapolis. There is a slogan on the reverse “IT IS A GOOD RULE TO SAVE MONEY BY USING SECURITY FOOD FOR CALVES AND PIGS.” A nice little go-with item for your Security collection.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/FzyJZjQPHYlotJ1ExxY8ug/dK-g4swsqSCVtEVsvH9ts4-e2C_pQUnddU4d0MISGhTjYWBdtfafZgbzVimxmpGwu5X-g72GV-yIIQDvHQzEy6rD6o3c3zLAwAyflPZKOfVl2RE90usjA-61k18etasEpwbThMY8aU_dLZD8VSiF7Z4JZCl582vHjSXubbUAem4/z-3mse1t6MlXxLXTfC01UfPUcx0Kh4tevXBhvumykU8


Spratts Patent Dog Cakes Advertising Calendar, 1899

Full size, complete calendar for the year 1899 from Spratts Patent America. Each page (12) showcases one of more breeds of dog with photographs and written descriptions. The Great Dane graces the cover page for January. Calendar still retains the original metal top bar and hanging loop. 11”x 9”. The bottom edge of most pages have small tears and minor paper chipping. Great go-with item to hang and give your collection an age context for visitors.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/3srWb0iSezh3Iy_YojkKMw/8a6ZUTNseHigjVogR5n7DenTH43nycAJ9ebW0qjNizCKzIjsUPrw24SPvtBEOBKGJ3HnIUd9jo-GXYAZQSjJ12GdnJnAVhbnS7LnVTdx0Vj7DbFzXNuOipnHNdPrxiq4HGlLO7ia4Qv62SI8kL8U3tOvHmeArL2BLo7T4MkOQBQ/_UsKOEvVbxzGayEVgH1HDVRue3OKAXIJA-4RkcshYUc


Wilbur’s Golden Healing Oil Antiseptic Balsam Advertising Poster

Lithographed poster from the Wilbur Stock Food Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Illustration shows the sun rising as a horseman applies this Healing Oil to the barbwire cuts of his horse. Currently framed with an overall size: 15”x 22 ½”. The poster retains great color as the red is super strong. The poster has six horizontal fold lines, a couple of small paper losses to the left edge, and sealed tear above the horse’s shoulder. Wilbur produced a poster for each of their veterinary medicines. They are rare and desirable among collectors for their outstanding graphics and color. Additionally, this is the FIRST EXAMPLE of a Healing Oil poster to be recorded. Other Wilbur ‘s medicine posters have sold in the $1000-$4000 range. Even with the old fold lines, this rare example should fall in the $1000-2000 range.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/mExg48mQZaUHwgDSAobeaQ/Z53UBUANl6YaEcuA9mhgf1rOLQ1q_Ag9Dself9uRnhPGz1_DxvZnf2oLhGL0DDSQnVwhX1xaBZ6TGvNnA_hAUKBx6trssfRV0o1NTqKQoPTd5Gl4ExMgc2SvOmKWsChq5VX8Z_xrMA8dL5Os4uVZ_XOngj3R1x96Iw9iryFPxYg/Q4EtfIsCX868v4p46ie7MK3Xs2kKHOfL3_9Sr5VR2cE


Dr. Daniels’ The Dog Doctor

Bulldog on cover of this 1911 booklet detailing treatment of dogs with Dr. Daniels’ remedies. Booklet is 72 pages, 5 ½”x 7 ½”, and printed to look like a hardback book. The condition is near Mint/Mint, as it looks as though the booklet was never used in any way. Classic Veterinary booklet.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/CGIADwvdpTwMHrfYpMDRIg/9JnfUZcqt7eJZL58lwaTdlqaq8PhgAVI10aSm1z44QuXRoC3iI4TdNDAoeliCRENqgzDhh3oR4JAPHeWawEj3n3ezk9iIsj1Vr3qIvCs29OmUQpDneMRUY6q-4L71_708lL2F43M_9-Jcn8aqx75dUkpAq01nP8wJI4Rm-0B264/fUJgr_witYY_YRz2PeGgMP1uZW8nx-KkA72ch7EcbcE


Dr. Daniels’ “The Horse”

Rare, Hard Cover, example of this Classic Daniels’ booklet of over 150 pages. This is a revised edition printed in 1911. 7 ¾”x 5 ½”. Heavily illustrated, it has an additional 16 page, Illustrated Symptom Chart included. Very minor edge wear, otherwise excellent condition.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/LAOSENN8hcRNnhPIFmT58A/xKRu3Jmn28ivSZDmZgsGcCYiCkP8MvasSBwrYRlRYKOP4AkjnjL0AULN7xRzqj412u5FeaFFIw_7yTVnbJJ_b0d5WNOZwIPs_r5BEg5AM4J_5f5J_p0lu9SSZEtUMfI2oLiTfMwOJ8BtXbGCwj3vk2WfEyK_zKEXmkHb9jnn2Mk/PpMKvy63MOgQUaEopVXw4vaB4AkmqYXum3N5TsW-P0o


Dr. Daniels’ Archive and Paper Ephemera Group Lot

Ever wonder who sold Dr. Daniels’ remedies? This archive contains the listings of all the company’s clients across America. Listed are the names and addresses of Pet Stores and selling agents. Lot has letterhead, paper posters, bumper stickers and a mixed bag of paper items produced by the company. All of these items come directly from the archive of a relative of a previous owner of the Dr. Daniels’ Company.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/8pJowvB3Lw-83QRnWc5hCg/4cXw9ah3YwWOOeAk8OP4ehlOvbOeWH4D1_ROqf9aCIqndtET3Et8iZiM4raKwFML0yuP5Z81LR28PFKClmSlhQpiXio3VeWlbS64DQxYBa_1eXJkolakdoJ7pKptighUaUTGoF47B7JRYf2GFQtp81_OPXw8fNDC9fwHcqozeQo/xn0Bh6Kd1Oos7lWYyqZFSRwtn1Pobc1DB4gId6ekkv8


Dr. Daniels’ Paper Ephemera Group Lot of 44 Items

All of these items come directly from the archive of a relative of a previous owner of the Dr. Daniels’ Company. Horse booklets (c1911) (4), Cat Booklets (no date) (6), Home Treatment booklets (1946) (5), Canine Remedies booklets (1936) (4), Hoof Dressing advertising cards (7), and Cat post cards (18). Most items are in excellent, unused condition. some of the booklets have wear to the covers. Great dealer lot for eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Your high bid gets them all.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/KLVwXrHSjLhJ2ybwGFnuBg/HAvSH1Cjm8DFPmPL3EMRJbZARqU_sI7QFPwvlCgGTklx-vv-geqN63JbHYUn1kqMpeeYM0kt0t9dyHo2UBtfDIezJ5TCHt-LXKLJnSpvCpyNxX4n5OB15Qe1UmSPN35MNLuDn6qe3Taskt_fZSJQjA/FWtJlisqwKrpA2B17LOlZMtRmRPA3V1VTBUMv3gFADk


American Stock Tonic

Unopened box with contents from the American Stock Company of Tiffin, Ohio. 8”x 5”x 2”. “A HIGHLY CONCENTRATED REMEDY…” Displays very well overall, but does have a small push on the right side that is sealed. Large horse illustration on a medicine from this scarce Tiffin, Ohio company.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/a8sa8IpK41I1di5guXjhzQ/_B7yXbIqg6E5j4zCXqO45IGxgajpp-ByT5tw96cfnk-fLICIzfVdFe-naC7ntP2GRLcueseRSGcvj_BdY6w0k3A49uF6xiu3KoRnLxmagJKJoYH4GPu10o591yRqJ3oCKcjFEkchlNExPpA5byUTqpLDjUN0MfUXQ2fwhUrN-nQ/ise0Qg0EqmAZK4IP5RS6VOy1Wrbya6BolmkAlcj067U


Dr. C. N. Barber’s Antiseptic Wash

Bottle with paper labels from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont. 6 ½”x 2 ½”x 2”. Used for cleaning sores and “diseased skin.” Front label has some top edge wear. Back label has edge wear on all sides. Only the third example to be recorded at auction.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/v8XU1ofFXco1l8CBDqoiRA/GLedtfbjtQUqoDtpJgj1JIwLvSK-jkfJ81UBMCfWt_zN9dVbMLF6Prqn8KsZ1SZAoXLGlKNMPGQlWIPqv2bxSQXeV478uv8wrSW-xhg-bpqOVRLGMuvuN2YDMUwxqPNLg-55SutAmWBhuIF9f4lLBRbO_cupqEOXVcVfq47VzUQ/3Npdk3q1A3ioENRd5gPx_RH-jNwj-pQuofjFh0CAbTE


Dr. C. N. Barber’s Veterinary Remedy for Diarrhea in Calves

Unopened, cardboard slide open box with contents from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont. 4”x 4” x 2 ½”. The box is complete with light water staining on the sides and is REALLY dirty. Looks like it came right off a barn shelf in Vermont. I believe that just a bit of cleaning on the paper label will improve its display greatly. Not many Calf only veterinary patent medicines exist.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Je1mZWtOqlAIGgUcCBWe1g/k5iCjyRlTD5EoUvD_Ud7NCjZiBABlyKGNmCnEg1sIOCkeODwJMj-e_iXm2zTx7W26FsjmVkk__3rRaOI1VHaDwPTB9gdh4948FXVeTUPKrhvVDEXvARz1Ujl5lyH3M7ybJiTg-NlCm6J6B8QU5AwyV3Za6LPEoawN-fVYs2tS94/vvik7_XMJVjxbqD3_5HPNb4Nvgq0dVDRSuaNFEWyEaQ


Dr. Barber’s Kidney Remedy

Unopened bottle with original paper seal over the cork, paper labels, insert, glass dose vial, and box. Contents have evaporated. Produced by the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont. “ALLAYS INFLAMATION AND AIDS VITAL ORGANS IN THE PROPER PERFORMANCE OF THEIR FUNCTIONS.” Bottle is excellent. Box has top flaps torn off but displays nicely.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ViBIDAsa286Zbq5AjE_nGQ/21IiYV74vbrNGVzBjB3_z-F6H2erbczIbY_HHPPQdCvARYr21bNc-_mFa1wMjSQI192IO7VzSBLoRtc6kLB-G-ng8Sdw0Tkc-SWbSeKq8E8RFqUMIRleXTBH4ZmviNLHsEzEPIlmU3xxH49hr6G7lzzjVS_BAWrbGDSmq4PF5PM/8zy9Rkk2BAY-cygUh0sF15bxXQQA8Rw2Iji3i2VZLec


Dr. Barber’s Ophthalmia or Moon-Blindness Remedy

Unopened bottle with original paper seal over the cork, paper labels, insert, glass dose vial, and box. Contents have evaporated. Produced by the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont. Bottle is excellent but the back label has some very light staining. Box has top flaps torn off but still present. This is only the Second example to ever be recorded in my Compendium. The first example was sold 27 years ago in 1997.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/LPBou00gOJxOkYWzyZ4asw/F7WUp4JhVNhcT2_q5vkKcYRod5n5pyE47lpjOph9VtkLKFbIrnA_J_EJ1-mVDYsF9LAYOV1l5It-dstPK7FLc5Gly9TR1fM8El7tAPbUfyLb14uJZYueTz4NX_n0vjI2pAhAq6CKxWvfIj17YiUp2N1Ik3amXOlVV8tshHwJmWs/Q2hpW2GphppeXor98nYhxCgPEpgLVs8xKGHzqKabces


Dr. Barber’s Pneumonia or Lung-Fever Remedy

Unopened bottle with original paper seal over the cork, paper labels, insert, glass dose vial, and box. Contents have evaporated. Produced by the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont. Bottle is excellent but the back label has some very light staining. Box has top flaps torn off. THIS IS THE DISCOVERY EXAMPLE OF THIS REMEDY. After 35 years of keeping records and selling over 100 various Dr. Barber’s medicines, this is the first example of Pneumonia Remedy I have ever seen.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/dRey2DP74qrR7A0LY3lx-Q/ICNwgVeJ2oRhaqAd2en18y_f87ZkP2nqdB32KIpqlGmqsOnvjA1D6LlpqIKABLneBrsOKzpVoMZSyxCfvi1Bx1HyHDg95Xpsr7WnNlXqQV20DZmDuGPhqxgzvzFf4yRnxU_kQ7cSDhGUp-89HQ5QeL8xtpD_vJOblVM-OHy4akQ/rrzd4djloYl8Z7jAPR5I1Gt4FYVkBAbsMKY9Qg6YgEc


Dr. C. N. Barber’s Remedy To Relieve Stoppage and Bloat in Cows and Calves

Bottle from the Barber Medicine Company of Barre, Vermont. 3 ¼”x 1 ¼”x 1”. Only the third example to come to auction. The paper label on the front displays well. The label on the reverse is heavily stained. Another super rare cow and calf only remedy.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/BSSi8Ia90awpB92WWFb7Pw/qoMjDcU5XcXgejalet-sDZtGhesugrPDZCVXmTdsum8bmSgrrK5w200lWO4vwm_-osBiqH8i6DCG7jYrR0EEKL8ykwzNVsyIACq9k0mP_rAgh4_kvvuu6E4FeXp9zV3FJZHugaxGS7yNxq-Ewuz42TW2mO4YSMAqGcZ1mm6oU7I/EyvS-35UqaCZT9JMFc7zg8ARDTNJ77Mxf9buYY5PQVQ


Bickmore Gall Cure, Free Sample

Unopened, free sample, CURE tin with paper labels on the top and reverse from the Bickmore Gall Cure Company of Old Town, Maine. 1 ¾”x ½”. While free samples of their Gall Salve are relatively common, this example of their earlier Gall Cure is quite rare in free sample size. Label has toning as seen.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/5CkgxlJJx4Uc6ETecZlXqQ/gTbXEda8qBGFMzyiLuJmvmMLC7u1K3eT3bwgTCL-yh14Y7FRAxg4otzwZ22WK_DEMErKeptqf_rFFfdIAk5xqWoIa1WQ700cTBKVMrXrXTyz90_0xIzW-z1x9hiPAYe9HADc3a3IkVTxFUkT6qFeWAHGfYTuMpIWf_jEkU3jgLc/0lrfgpZc4-Xsl86Bf__FifGyRcmDxvDArsruBGn6alc


Bickmore Gall Salve

Sealed and unused tin with original paper sealing label along the sides, from the Bickmore Company of Old Town, Maine. 2 ½”x 1”. Mint, new old stock condition.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/zbjOjdkCagPjVXcQjKM9ng/jzvuRsI4DLijgPanVGtcguCr_lFYKKvRuOp3C2UmtY_1TUa_F2ulvjuFnV5Q-fSoyIlRxkp7_guBSES7R2sPYcJmgoQ1y0rRK1RzDQI2Rq5WosvM6Wp7gBhu9-7ed4RkHsfufvdjBAn-f9K4CJY-3_XZkoPG5ZaLeWjcsDCHWyc/GgyIz81zvR8StbNpAm329aTxJF1yYuwkUuV2jgQ8Ibg


Bow-Wow Flea Killer

Unopened canister with paper label and contents from the Sweeny Company of Salisbury, Missouri. 4 ½”x 2”. Excellent original condition with great color. A safe flea killer on dogs and cats.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/KUMnayvq_rdN582jAY0G8Q/-9ew6QGoqaJCxwmhj-mTZLhYhmlsDAYVUoWxhdv_ec2WebvrYIP0XKkHaKczITY5lom9Oc3fCeL9fPG-znphdDjAGeSEDAD4HciqNPJr9yCb_ta_gq9k-IPiouBTYpXGMtJOpZ3MDbB3Lmwuxjoj0bi1-DyUaJGi1diRHtetmC8/vERYbFweNxAiaZHh5wYOQQ8t2Bba7JPIimMEtPdj3D8


Dr. Bugbee’s Fever Drops or Distemper Cure for Horses and Cows

Bottle with paper label. Produced by Dr. C. P. Bugbee, V. S. of Keene, New Hampshire. 4 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1”. Directions are, 30 drops once in two hours on the tongue. Label also has the 1906 Drug Act disclaimer. Dr. Bugbee worked in the same town as Dr. Lesure and was apparently small time competition, as few Dr. Bugbee items have survived. This is the only example of his Fever drops recorded and was previously sold by VCR is 2009. Scarce cure from a small town Veterinary Surgeon.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Nm4iiAe76XkHX7yyT3EQSA/jYfH8E3i3lJOUG9lgqWAquSlWswhrt1JNwa9CfAXDigyH6M-Xw5CdiCwE74vhMZNOU0X7kYXPZGFh1zMZ9lOk6mzgJYCTu6M4TUq78vRj-UpemmlpMWC_KTj9ZYq_Sb6wPUaSc0Lqceh2VK3u0K1lLxtGtZB5ils7t4XjdeGeHw/Hw0AFpw8XUnrRZB90dmTVhSXKAIgBLdvKBZQJYXF6W8


Dr. Bugbee’s Veterinary Garget Cure

Bottle with paper label and residue of contents. Another rare cure offered from Dr. Bugbee of Keene, NH. Garget is mastitis or breast infection in a dairy cow. Thirty drops of this cure three times a day would fix her right up, no worries. Label is toned and has light stains. Not the prettiest Cure I’ve ever seen, but the history and scarcity add up. Dairy Cure. 4 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1”.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/MWykP6_xeq2jqXHm_V0D0g/GKWils4QfMS5N2BXXhfcqEOtGVTEXSXYY7jHSJTppterDTWLW4BsaYzVTUH2QXTUgAMMzBxibxPF3GEE4LfyLY9N008A3cELASVREdCgd3jA_OMdzEVKWRzvg0rKN9Egfw3OmEndSK7MMTFfaE7sw7kbMC3hvI5f-4puaLjXhSc/PCdJlaKgC2zVjPFKzUnffr0TmPnjJe4V-p6k2zlhRcc


Dr. Clayton’s Canker Lotion Tablets for Cats and Kittens

Complete package with glass bottle, original cork, paper label, and contents plus the box with folded insert. Red Dr. Clayton logo with cat on the front of the box. 4”x 1 ½”x 1 ½”. Used to treat ear infection (canker) in the ear of cats and kittens. Bottle and label are mint. Box is missing top flaps, otherwise very good. Cat medicines are very scarce and this example is top of the line.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/4AVHZcvL6yCrXu1KhMKP2w/GoOoHrf3puuFEZ5RBEnjNVJCnCGQ7Po8SSWLBhyUx-q2YRLm5WLr-lguWxhQDwqieTrW4gwrxkhZXbHUNQtD6jD6Guvli9aTewPu766P2xYwax7MCi7cFd79AjB1w7wnRxhkBl_VdDrP7B4-E4s5l1yp6Xdi_zv0KHyPV0ISSwA/QAunAujxxn4zBlTmRMX9uttRS4MjfGTN8s_vZyNRyTQ


Dr. Clayton’s Chorea Tablets for Dogs

Early box with an inner cardboard box containing the medicine tablets. Chorea was a name given to tremors associated with dogs who survived the initial upper respiratory symptoms of Canine Distemper. 4”x 1 ½”x 1 ¼”. Outer box has top edge tears and is missing all top flaps. Inner box is complete and near mint with original contents.  

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/NLPrvDiISPCfvwYghRhraA/cptqfqpyl2MzSF-dsVOx6heJ_TjpIYWx0Af0ODOApaeiQCE4N0rUi19SLKLro-DSGN9BbUpCuyLQr8v52dma2Hv5LrKGusW5Uc59j3_xDNf4Cq4H_NW1maSziqkoUpJNMV40Wsr3w7jmEYaw99wALOIjXi9MhvQQGAmguJWUtnQ/hVltQQjTcUv2ZquCsNDyYcHbctDNfQ1lM-R_mNpRP8U


Dr. Clayton’s KILFLEA Dog Soap

Cardboard box with partially used soap bar from Clayton’s Dog Remedies of Chicago. The Dr. Clayton Bulldog logo is on the front and rear panels. 3 ¼”x 2 ¼”x 1 ½”. “DEATH TO FLEAS.” “Contains no Mercury or Carbolic Acid, and yet kills the fleas.” Box displays extremely well and is quite scarce and desirable.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/JKKc-1qN0gvOto846ry1uA/aeTzRGwkK2du6NmEIUH9E0plj-8aTIfNo5nC2LLN77H3w59-VqxPWZlaWfhzKbDQTQDn9IyRqT4GVj-EaO4fCUDCokzxO2h_BraBJzeITm13Ne3-5TUcEfM-tRqF0BdqkmCwRYrR9G0cOOx9LHmUkwLGFVFouUNJiWjiwr8WF_8/lLpw0YI_068-SKITYYpCzRh1XSCQ_2OzEyYFxh-zkLU


Dr. Clayton’s Little Red Bullets for Dogs

Box with contents and paper insert. Used to rid dogs of Hookworms and Roundworms. 2 ¾”x 2”x ¾”. Box has some light staining at bottom corners.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/wM02f7C26TxnCi5GHd8ATA/A_oHDQ9rbH5fGXTqIR7gOVofZilI-CigPn9k8CwgnmKOBNanvVXYSYuIj9h-icgpq3tbMkYuD9c9Q98c50I40s7c_Dmfki6xBo4ApXvUd_OR_QMPnaNjgtbFfKxeNfursCV9Gs6kK4u8Aq7ayPkxrKN5TlvmiEQOxwD-ShadKHM/_IbftELWnHnmvkyUSirOnZyC3vY1RkSbXBBTFLgHfQ8


Clayton’s Mange Remedy for Dogs

Large, unopened bottle with original contents, paper label to three sides, paper insert, and box from Dr. George Clayton of Chicago. 6 ½”x 3”x 1 ¾”. Used to treat “Ordinary” Mange, Eczema, and other skin diseases. The bottle label is in MINT Condition. The box is in excellent condition, just missing one top flap and having just a touch of water stain at the very bottom. Box has the earlier company logo with the St. Bernard dog. This is the fourth example to be recorded and by far the best example. Scarce and desirable dog medicine.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/h_91DXUquETG-tCMH1B57g/2_g2K0V2M0chgo85Dr_aIjGCLNipRKbHA9Vrn9_LjwROnbzit4GdqDSIaYLm_NKiAwgZmb7pHg9A3fCCr15b5X-5yx-MuCTOHLBGDKE5b-bJCk5dkVrBvkd5fAEWC1olYJ8l5XXA2pI-Bbii400311HcCkBeMo2ZkC04FuLV_sM/GNiepeAuz9gWAdPHjafMt-yHtqs7ikHuJZGkXgAylCYhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/RcB8Wcxkq4i8AqwuMcgXGQ/EEbf7Hj78wOPy4ScjrpxZYifFZR56GmcWgCDohqbaD2fTiCw3Qrzp5APY18orXGnh7b6o_ABCIcnN_4NoIlSNAUSi7WWHkLzYW8dgPFU4ErR7kZC11IAuwn6gTyXr2UiwmuESEYBCgJE2z4t0mF9DvqtLgkMthdbTJ3K_n9TjOc/OW-0_yuFaMb19EtR5XSrmvLyvPPCrWaX9BnRMXi7QmI


Clover Brand Worm Powder

Unopened box with contents from the Stock Food Company of America, Minneapolis. 8”x 5”x 2”. Front panel has an image of a large jar full of worms and states, “THESE WORMS TAKEN FROM STOCK. THEY SOON EAT UP THE PROFITS.” Only images of bleeding horses can beat out jars full of worms in veterinary advertising. The back panel has a large hog and states: “A GREAT HOG REMEDY.” Minor handling wear, otherwise excellent condition. the last example I have recorded, sold in 2010. Great box

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/fTozur1JhTW41mmomCrqYw/unElVO2iOxudjh36ArMJpbcVOs_GqCgdHqBR9QyLcQvv_eyNLu7x2p9bZ9wZ6K-9kbyKBjWe9bZqyiopAFx77euQD6vpkUo3wV7qfatbA6_zXrAdU06KkqaSHg0dedmO77EhSRRjockigbXSYz--WKahUQeTxLEHA7Exxh_KMV0/ns86hMHzHWmbbu0gfGB09oVnn-WdDN3eqfQztSmAzLA


Columbia Gall Cure

Lithographed tin from the F. C. Sturtevant Company of Hartford, CT. No contents. 4”x 1 ½”. This is the larger, 50 cent size tin. Tin has some minor rim and edge wear as you can see. Nice, large Cure tin c1900.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/RI_8kZc00z6_m3zY9hXeeg/5K8w_-vhcBiswzM49KHhQnq6WxL7VW7W2v-4HIg9HyEic8cLBsoMvvlvtYQc7ch1KsvFRKXquqsVYATJMmcVrYZx5cd8ecw8qFAczA7A5DQNCC3BQpQwJKa4lmlqlkEtI5xH4_NE_2MlJjFvR4RSrw/pQgkQJ3iyYqTvXJvo2ids9LdfiO86lGZ02Dcml5aFek


Crisp’s Worm Syrup for Dogs

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents, and box from the S. A. Crisp Canine Company, Blacksburg, South Carolina. 6 ¼”x 1 ¾”x ¾”. Bottle label has some tiny edge nicks. Box has old tape repair to the top and bottom flaps. The only previous example for this medicine comes from 2001 when we sold just a bottle with a stained label and no box. Rare southern Dog Medicine.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/83MXoaGljByaXHw-zaOv9Q/grzwHepdKPn98NiN3rVg5aAgsKVF5ID-n7RPcWCaNtw73cwQDRpPDVGuxb4_Ky8rEZhjdqW4tBmplRVe1_YEFtFklVvy_CeBBBxh5FOMoWnPOO1g8MH1N3rC44qPwv5cuO35PUZoR9FfQXk0g3IQhRISNBmJjtCqJMdj2uyriFI/Ez_l586rCpVk8L-1STs_YaoBLSKLDIJcxh2J1FqhT1I


Crisp’s (B. T.) Black Tongue Remedy for Canine Only

Bottle with paper label and box from the S. A. Crisp Canine Company of Blacksburg, South Carolina. 8 ½” x 2 ¾’x 1 ½”. Box is dated 1927. An extremely rare dog medicine from ANY veterinary company and the first recorded from this company. “A DOG WORTH KEEPING IS WORTH KEEPING WELL.” Dried contents in the bottle. Label has some very light spottiness. Box is missing top flaps and is a little dirty. Another rare southern medicine. To my knowledge, only Dr. Glover produced another BLACK TONGUE remedy for dogs.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/9fCMTt1awui_W2epYAELVw/iq9SioLRMpaDlFSBkUXb786qgKMRCqHsX6iEqVPzgneFynIzU9MH1--h2vvytBmfADmxplq4Lof8BFb4Usi-4lRGbp1h7AjBdNAd1K6a0cuJvaguWwBH5rm8KjrZHeMBrxXyrfK1DOgvsvhOymfaj1Ax743VMitX7RDNgJyONBI/EoLPuHMQ8aOdI4yY3AzKq8j_N7JjfFdeohBV1eh2qQg


Dr. Daniels’ Floating Shampoo

Cardboard box with a wrapped, and unused bar from Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Remedies of Boston. Classic logo image of a Bulldog is on the front panel. Original price was 15 cents. 3”x 3”x 1”. Box is in excellent to near mint condition. This is currently one of only two examples to be recorded and the ONLY example with an unused bar. This example sold to the consigner in our auction in 2008. This is a very desirable soap and Dr. Daniels’ collectible. There will be no reserve and we will see where it goes today.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/dHl0duTmwrBOIq6Od1XkvQ/00axVe5vMhtTD_TqUPmf5izdOxnQGgSpNWwKDKVhs31OCmOQ0fYF2oyTT750TuTTrNJWkl3h6hApJOAprSR_jZ-YXCVFd98VBCTDczWpbeFDxhTuNoqPekZZ6oiP1vctSeUGQp-sw9HIbAGkDzNQ4Q/jFBu5KW3SxFX0RHtNl4I5aduMiqgKq-cPjkt7yFl4Kg


Dr. Daniels’ Medicated Dog and Veterinary Soap

Cardboard box with a wrapped, and unused bar from Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Remedies of Boston. This example, while having the same logo as the previous example is most likely a slightly later variation, it having a 25 cent price. 3 ¼”x 2 ¼”x 1 ¼”. Excellent condition with just the slightest edge wear. Currently, this is the only known and recorded example. It first sold in 2001 for $160 and no other examples have surfaced since that time.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/AJvfocWx11cRXXj0D8jfIA/zAKCcuxWG2HrWP3Vuj5csSL6RsCOcxnvVHyeg27tP8lQhWKvls1PRUSKoBbU7N_afDi-0GAjCEWnrxaqCd-8Rc3H-kY-Fd8R4khHyX4CgU9ApL_JGoN5IN4BxiNnkS2q2d97_sKIlSXto1-euCLR_OzWeImh_c50opiT6HyHoa0/93VccFeNacl35CAeV2XzstrXo32urSV9WJJLdSI2nos


Dr. Daniels’ Catnip Mice, Lot of Two (2)

Two catnip red and white cardboard boxes with their mice. Boxes are complete and have the company’s Milk Street address. I’d place these two examples c1940ish. 2 ¾”x 1 ½”x 1 ½”. New Old Stock examples.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/mAAsii_QaacP9NnslcrfeQ/PvUYYCKJJoaxkx7NZ9v1HpwhzyfSBRDTjaSczlV91AGrnR1K-7IQow3lpke9K01nlKu2sNoNrGSZY8Hvn7tcPDEst9Kqv7ev100Y7eGr69y2ZEjQ0FGBNkb5Yzi8Y1smNA-hQ9hvppCQB4r5speOzosNM6S-NUp2PFhJnHYbkqU/spUhWHB3SByz4BQEZxpERq_4fU3NrwK37c29tu5_zYs


Dr. Daniels’ Mountain Brand Catnip

Cardboard box with full contents of catnip from Dr. A. C. Daniels’ Inc. The box has the company’s Milk Street address. 3 ½”x 2 ½”x 2”. The package sides have advertising for Daniels’ Katonic and Cat Laxative. A list of all the medicines for cats and kittens is on the reverse. The box has a small tear along the left front edge approximately 1”. Apparently, Daniels’ sold catnip under several brand names as we have seen a couple of “Summit Brand” catnip boxes, but this is the first example of his ‘Mountain Brand” we have seen or recorded.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/tcgdKPELyf_kpysHY0KOpg/iSLVz2PondOjJ_nwTizkzgGvfdL6sR4fccJNaZWtAiQn4BuSns1cX4TuKBN78ztashmCyaSipLQMyUqm0gLOmTz3k8wB-_LpLDIY138pDjEsmso1Z6uyx5q6jR9KKxHjb2NSwIZDG8ZY-EUhQoVWJYv-2cqAsGaFpNRuKWMwSCY/YrYVeGgNEJsg1cOXgxODJwp1Dd9V-7NeYqqwHPgmf3Q


Dr. Daniels’ Absorbent Blister

Lithographed tin with contents. “REMOVED BUNCHES.” Excellent, near mint condition. This is one of several variations of this medicine tin the company produced.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Vd3MQ_64Xg7aPLbo3pnjjA/ktKIgqqUJLNiO1ga1ihuF3I1HUlwBC7jiKaZIKBkbJgDdq7qZSaJrNlw4awI8frdOo43do6vxkMfyyJ2spBxHrVK_waGkhsj4G7trYKrm-9Z4Hw5HCcGmzv1JyBhv6YNw2xmteUPsvMDChX_e-2qO4jjbQPRPGw-bu8jCXIUFEk/l2hD4PM_cU_JTh_oofC6WSqOhhgBft3IUCzDkHM_36U


Dr. A. C. Daniels’ Absorbent

Lithographed tin with contents used to treat Bunches, Throughpin, and Strangles in horses. 2”x 1”. Excellent condition with no damage but, could be improved with a light cleaning. Another variation of the previous lot.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/i-4s_h9IsbdYpBOcFUcgEA/hAxrfluuiIseh3Eum89snIsW4udSZsoxPBLnWX_MlTiF2ULsU0GMjfRfGBcD01ajk7aHxvCAuXp5XIroGIEcr2qruNhiZHy45qXOZQpcgFdZ4Y8dTZnzR-X6zdey_a7e7zCXfqqQeGMaep2khRgcn3qlewcwoCs-OCoiVEuAsI0/frTIiY-fCGKdBUiGyPVkvLneTAGqjIZYxc7hB0tM7sAhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/GatDOi6s3DMZOIMP29rhiw/A1RrBVN52BR-N1kao0EE2jK5eLAsiD82IHh5XjUsiqT8WbKRCeb2H0OBJK6rZH__VW9nrGZzxEhhucw2Nm_kV70-br36tKNBfc0GQQNK3ZI-lvREgTKhDY2ydIrKRy_JqwmqX8bw4APxH_xMv8TI97ixhDXd6hVclVluG-6D87Y/KSBsE5cEWwFSd7XxbDN_bV0_n2EkP_c7tudXHG6G110


Dr. Daniels’ Cow Tonic, Free Sample

Unopened cardboard canister with paper label and contents. 2 ½”x 1 ½”. Label has some minor paper losses along the right side. This is only the third example of this free sample to be recorded. The first in 1997 and the last in 2014. Scarce Daniels’ FREE SAMPLE.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/w1fV_V1ASJc8hWlgxkbyow/2eKBuIvNoJFEbxxIjtcKFPq6ImjEJu-u9hDh_2E_RHKbnav0FRZc8Or2tCNNn0k352IPuEAVhRuxYgWfiCKcvDfzTb1pgh_NC-KL9JrN1wb4h_sLGFRsrvI6TJrDNzYpjGZirAtvRdSF9zzgqmuecbYSvsnYMe_37qvHU2DzyHQ/NEren5ExwdNyfxqVNFtC-SIqePucfJpeGcbefUttjlw


Dr. Daniels’ GALLCURA

Lithographed tin with contents used for Galls on horses. 3”x 1”. This is the earliest variation name for this remedy. The company was forced to eliminate the “cura” part and later changed the name to Gall Salve. These early examples are scarce and this example is in excellent condition, but could use a light cleaning to really show off.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/m-9RcQcpF1DFOoJMzTCrYw/0zX2GvWsojOpOTPTRT9it7xgWGnvD9PrGbLnrXlk78MHWUL1Wze7JY3XwwUfYekFu3BPUM2_HgPwBT69X5jkUk4KC1wGwda3LnKxAkCGrS-WYSKnA1mVQ7XjSydi78q-gbO4UjDU3pBAASDGJtzQWdXmYeUsizhz7gbaI2aXTfQ/IifBxYxe8IiZX52aIU3J6i2_6bnZk95nShJ9t8IFpHA


Dr. Daniels’ Mange Remedy

Lithographed tin with contents, used to treat dogs for Mange, Scurf, Blotch, Surfeit, and Favus. I know what mange is, but I don’t think my Dermatology book has the other four. 3”x 1 ¼”. Top has a small dent above “Daniels,’” otherwise this tin is in near mint condition. This is a very scarce Dr. Daniels’ Dog Medicine tin. This example displays exceptionally well.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/-b7PiF2iOWwOqKuHcmB9gQ/ABtelXTTGjd10olCFbTHgUA6uOyVctKuVatHVD5onit5C1xjiQqrgpdePKoP2WNwpC-IOc4UQ1FQXLhU-EOOgjsKcryG8hL3iEc7flWihQnVgz7hqMwYXPviM1LF-ndloqtRi8BHDz5YEe5qZnscB97t_efvFFcM2v2TWFc8NHE/52cVNrBkrYSF_X5EOse1YlrjhFhihqej_-P0fIx23-k


Dr. Daniels’ Sarcoptic Mange Salve for Dogs

Unopened tin with paper labels, original contents, and box used for treating mange in dogs. 3”x 1”. The top paper label has some light damp stain. The bottom “directions" label is complete and without wear. The box is a little beat up but displays well and is only the second example WITH a box we have recorded. This is a VERY SCARCE Dr. Daniels’ dog medicine tin..

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ApEkkMfTYpyTcinV0g6a-g/XqfAhArsG9i8S1W9Rwwi02AZRpc-n_R-nBcgkR5oST9b-OhZkUphoEojDsZuWjS73MWfrYGD7_Fb_R5-mLFNH_lMa_TqS9b3BRkUq7lyHpqy2-BLqaDrq1aYX8da5NLFXqxxnmw9ajtBWriFHNdnLQmK2-VQm2oPt7zGMlRReLk/1wK2-KVJ1EH7OjAK3KEZVdkr-ZzEV3zY30M60bt8iZE


Dr. Daniels’ Healing Powder and Canker Remedy

Lithographed, unopened, shaker style tin with contents. Used for Canker of the ear and mouth in livestock as well as dogs and cats. 5 ¼”x 2 ½”. Excellent, near mint condition. This is the larger of two sizes produced. A beautiful example with no apologies needed.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/AUaNQYqNOzqmdSDghGcwpA/xpf1JT0VkoGHAZG0AMyQ5PSlQhHfmLJ5yv2wXh7Gem9nV7mwIIuG8PCTEMcyyFR2aEpYr_8Sr5iTl7zQPmGWSXmeNEFALnYRR0fD6_vc6niUGJBTK6ton9GmfS1FbQ1uf-VmBuknZQt7xYLmL_9-V8eM92Hbjkr5uEWUtE80qVg/5dtYwP4l-eT-H4yyrZMYmLjLqanUmNe3lqxt1BGO9kIhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/asKY9IKXiui6wc-fUTrauw/VpTvxlwJFMq_IDmqPdVGKw6Lbo5lL3WVn3_BJOwhfWlArKuUit8FeMG7T6lXeVAVOnGRx1wWNZarCZ6A3wPnIgGoSFRTqOLkmFXDwBPK_uKS4d-h2HIuLe5tqJT_tOdEmgOOxwtbyX7Osnke3yyF25S_FjdW95HmP0YeCrlH6lQ/l5tXarX9Z0uLl8GVAOTYkVadl_sjBPN6U27LlsNSNQs


Dr. Daniels’ Hoof Food / Perfection Hoof Dressing

Lithographed, soldered tin with screw top spout and original contents used to treat hoof diseases in horses. In my estimation, this is one of the RAREST Dr. Daniels’ remedies you will see. This is one of only two examples of this style that have ever surfaced. There is a slightly older style with a cork top closure that has a couple of examples recorded. 5”x 3”. Condition is very good to excellent with just some scattered small paint scuffs.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/nYlhI495bLiR0VRKJZv9DQ/NmdnsUZoqxuPVNIAq1hkj55jjo4BOmUOD1BXdwlqM-rMAsnfUQv2pI7wmLvCGA6SYMkWG99IaL7RrsEtAf-Sp8TJlH26m-f90CZ4dlr3zzU460tU8HMkP0l0QDhL8KKRTt6ya5J591pCNYOdqvsrUXAy3h6XXRAwkXz2W6yTmUM/lUTHje6eiTzIL9LlNYljgPVHMHOlQLg1I_rx179gOUQ


Dr. Daniels’ Liniment Powder

Early, lithographed version with contents. This one sold for 50 cents and does have the Drug Act disclaimer of 1906 on the lid. 3”x 2 ½”. This contained TINCTURE OF OPIUM 5 gr. per ounce. You mixed up the powder to make your own liniment in any strength you desired. Lid is dirty and would be improved with a little cleaning. Very good overall. This early variation is scarce.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/IP7P6Fe6NYo_cKcFZkX2jg/8rjPtBFA56D4phneF5oQ5ae4JNRLjKmyOu6lgrQMrQW74pyk0I1LXmFGGq2msWDYi2ePxHU_7YETStso9_OWyqkSvP7sTPXHSnl0aq7xrYN013P8GeyaJEjlI2n530TCxuoFT2LGuTsJq-FrmaLHilI47Vn-vACUJ_enccDsn60/F7loH7fyynTsZEwmu4VSJtzitGOKb7L5J0iVULW3iCc


Dr. Daniels’ Veterinary Colic Drops

Sealed, unopened box with complete original contents used for colic in horses, colts, mules, and cows. 4”x 2 ¾”x 1 ¼”. “FOR ANIMALS ONLY.” This box contains two corked bottles with labels and an original glass medicine dropper. Excellent / near mint condition

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/7-P19J2XeEvis-TcA-Sf3w/-LW2j3LsBDwJxtvYdc80naZxDbNa5wHUYcFdb3A120pTj-iDcEDRQche8EDW6QnLyAWJysjlPEGnFCZNSR-B5G0jZgOtaIEd4qfiCsI7Bb0jL0c0Pog2CtIRo_0i0wM-2KOTybx6mCfOhy2mUShm9MNjoK-mVl81o11nU3VIj9Y/3VJhUxMoeYZYeG2KQE60XvwWRh5tKsnBcN1Y1-DTWEc


Dr. Daniels’ Pileozion or Wonder Worker

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents, and box that is the smaller 25 cent size to the larger Wonder Worker examples. 5”x 1 ½”. Bottle and paper label are in excellent to near mint condition. The box is also in near mint condition with just minor handling wear, but no damage. The box does have a later sticker raising the price to 37 cents. You will have to hunt for a long time to find a nicer example.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/lCA2MorHtIOZ1c3X2zGywA/bIm1GkIxyWtkfexkRdtLBjoGFy5YxWM4ZvWzwmwGmfGAa3mDPoB9aCJ6Sku09z2-FYRYwEBE2MDiFh7Um4tzCLWFPK1ei5XKedtWfAVPeDHhD58I0HZNPxG276T_5lxVrWP_ubuSB9ldkmtQft2xZmhGaMbw2meC2jzr5-kJ0pg/d1F66hTKbWRBtrLuZIQe0ErYKKu4tunF6QzvLQMH_a0


Dr. Daniels’ Wonder Worker Lotion

Unopened, embossed bottle with contents, paper label, and box. This is the original package in excellent condition. 6 ¾”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”. “THE MOST WONDERFUL HEALING LINIMENT EVER KNOWN.” The paper label extends to three sides and has perfectly bright colors. There is a small paper scuff on the front. The box is in near mint condition, certainly one of the best we have ever offered. The original price has been marked out and 65 added in pencil to Dr. Daniels forehead. Hard to find a better example today.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/fN-HRsxyzFD6TRJq1DP-Mw/mpLndL68m-tbR_cGFVhHW1PyakDXINSW2fqZwwHOwbam1SmUHx7K-1ZAVZf8zozTXqaR6Tan1B6AE21-F1Gm-hu3ieaS50ukf5p6lJKG89egOCbf_gmFmE78EvF4JZsar2QpjBHmNtS4JL3eBbpv9rfQYqISE8uoG2H5P-vky18/N7XnGZuMMS8X1ZATQZe6eSgZNu7brMk_Y4mhJT3E5YA


Dr. Daniels’ W. K. Powder for Horses and Colts

Cardboard box with a dozen individual single dose boxes inside. Complete package. W. K. stands for Worm Killer for Horses and Colts. 4”x 2 ½”x 2”. Overall condition is near mint.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/_DuTCQ-h_lNKa1ZYQcythA/R8cypTTThR5XZeJMmEvP9k5PDiKskm2hejYsCxd1ucEaf2-XWgQBMnbfokPcQWtODWrMg6iPR-050QbA4csfDADKMhHbQ2-V0RSEnOjfyXKBJQA7QHEy5eE_ITB9f9rx8vGMhmPIWEIRCNkfahs-_JSFogMdoQeYOj0-l_EdquY/dbp7MguA7fYg2RklUo8U5gBOua0Q_8MWOjTo0q6s1c0


Prof. Dean’s King Cactus Healing Oil Liniment

Unopened, embossed bottle with paper label, contents and box from the Prof. Dean’s King Cactus Oil Company of Clinton, Iowa. 6 ¼”x 2”. Embossing on the side is a view of a store display used to fill bottles of Cactus Oil in the store. “THE GREAT BARBED WIRE LINIMENT.” The bottle is near mint. The box has top flaps torn off. There is an old tape repair to the bottom of the right side panel, otherwise it displays very nicely.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ER5iCR6x-jgiRdnzKuB4VA/TsPGR_5tlGel5C9EPFn3fCb5qh5s9DP8TFLpv_h70GNxtiHEL0e2gT2ulZzKQcrlNlKHY-VnLzBp9rEvPg928LqAepRVr6KZjEmUNOVQ_dPnBgO0WW1VMbYoFZ99bRiihCgKOdfuLdIQlSs8RzJ1VxY1OBS_Dt1Y6ig-qzw2C-g/UqS6XuDc-XGqI_yDvADaALIV82q69Lvx-vPCWvvJjuA


Dexter’s Veterinary Colic Cure for Horses and Cattle

: Bottle with paper label and some dried contents from the L. W. Leithhead Drug Company of Duluth, Minnesota. 7”x 2”x 1”. Label has some very light stain. Another discovery medicine from a company with NO previous listings. Dexter was the World’s Premier trotting horse from 1864-1867. He died in 1888 at the age of 30 and was inducted into the Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 1956 as “immortal.”

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/H1aW8i6O6WBSGCrk5AQB0Q/Z__LPE0gcutjTy1F4bPiakEkXvwhfDYo72v1gpplBbfGYuBfOwzOIx0pI8i4KijUcQERBwiRpBgxmJy_9mt9iLK0rFHALvFU8hU4ttBmk27O6eSsasdzLuEZ_5e3_tbdWKIBKSkHnzeCi_0uRSD8J1lLnDNYKn5YbM8KmEUqDLQ/jxfJvAhGCLt0ifUaoKfYq84s-0ML7w-dLXQu2Qv-j_g


Elkay’s Mange Lotion Improved for Dogs

Bottle with paper labels, partial contents and box from the United Drug Company of Boston. 6 ½”x 3”x 1 ½”. Bottle label is excellent. Box is complete and a very impressive size. First example of this Mange Lotion to be recorded.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/08QlSsUBDYiJE_n7_pgpTA/0A8spfomwEBrRCz1YiKsM4s6QYeqoxsxIvsYE3ReatRpF7vffhQkZ_thcUxTfEromDGE4mFMGrv0G4kQho0GkbDivWbiNgradyvDGxF-wviCZ9oYszv3LIqWZhEv7bLFYMMREOj8VXFC-MQSqST76FYAbodJ4G2l7OCBwQT08C8/s_hfg03sVGi94zQax4cu30R1MCqgKtQ8z4lg1_aIM6k


Fleck’s Hoof Packing

Unopened cardboard box with contents from J. J. Fleck, Tiffin, Ohio. Detailed image of horse head coming through a horseshoe on the front panel. 7 ½”x 3 ¾”x 2”. This box was exposed to the sun and has faded most of the red color from the front panel. You are still left with a fantastic illustration and a very presentable box. “A NATURAL REMEDY FOR ALL DISEASES OF THE HORSE’S FOOT.” This is the larger of the two size boxes Mr. Fleck produced of this remedy. Bid as you see fit.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/BHwvkMsucyDn8Cuf_c7v4w/N8VPU3y9utw_J268_mjaE2ne9bTsYfBsv6tSe4Wm442ju6Wf_Ahb3D-ZbyKChS1MzrdQMeYVs2IzG46swF7RSz2xAqNRJRzkbbkDekE4fnk-bwSTbGN8bTZOGVj6z5h0VdN8PUIOKPjMJGZTIGjfqErMDFKPktxerR2nT47nTZc/aDXbsp7USGPOquH_wvFMOIAipt159qINCEy6ylDtYu4https://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/cuEr2tiaKHfm76n3qfM0og/vrv--Lh8192Gt8Cie6oK2y-7As0s9rvPamzCzkXka5AJAxWhs3BBqfYaMD3F1rZnubin24AgqiT9yCFXVNK4Iva9KsZNJ_3o8i01wO4jwC16-Kx1iZH6KeCPZfDEYbp5IQJwSjkviG-QFGSiZrBoRWvwo7GkeuyaNK6skR7y3Zg/_gKyp9z8vmLwFa1GQ28QBoxNmt0BxpzdiYFKdK4TsIw


Fogg “G-M” Worm Exterminator

“A SURE CURE FOR ALL WORMS AND BOTS” from the G-M Remedy Company of Bangor, Maine. Unopened box with contents. 5”x 3”x 1 ½”. Great before / after illustrations of a sick horse on the reverse. Some light edge wear and minor stain at the bottom right corner. Scarce Maine veterinary remedy.

2 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/L8olBxGEyjH7lPZvFA4o7g/m9JdMbCtl8YnlHUngHsUNkrT7WMMz6eWADrudLT9gECn7d47-y53ugjWgU6REM17xkSETaCXTX6yzuVl4oKjfDT8yx0VkMjczvtwgvm_EU2IlHavIvTVli36ycRKKQi6sa4trjWGwtrUCLG6QoQTIA-1bVySml-PYGn4sPJ-84c/HJ8mg_noKNyfKYPXnEbxptSAvfswquHnOunfMc-KDNshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ncSjY1u_BICN9RVdCZqY8Q/MWcPGX5Au994VQuYprAku-Z0VJUjCoiygwf6q86YOEWsihBYIjzrlyTrGa--cy_Y9puJlqkkEXOVgKUFmy-nLUmr7mbmZ0W7RpuYRzu_YsTI7nI4UMJlkKIkXpumsd77w13S4zBRmhoufMgy4WD2PPJA2WK8AtopTXeVHrzNE4w/vmm-TnNs51TkW-ywEtJq0ouAIxrhqmtSy57nT9-Zhn4


John Foster’s Heave Remedy

Civil War era (c1860-1870) wooden canister with soldered metal bands at the top and bottom. A paper label from John Foster, Proprietor from Newark, New Jersey surrounds the canister. THIS HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE EARLIEST VETERINARY PATENT MEDICINES, IF NOT THE EARLIEST MEDICINE I HAVE EVER OFFERED. The metal bands hold the wooden top and bottoms in place. The side is one piece of thin wood rolled on itself to make a cylinder. How cool it that! Yes, the label has paper losses but all the necessary information is legible. It IS likely 150 years old. Hard to believe it even exists. No one will have anything like this in their collection.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/1JkIgBDi09zWKXOdFF1gGQ/s7dpEi3zRFVdSLOse1fd3UI7D4Bq4IimLedQcTzphyLZOgdjwGzOkfV4iAtyKCZtdhay8HsTOC8-zBWim5PK3MpQ7sKXPLNFv9JHMt127PSty_X3rZHS7sckSQf8bqHKvvzicJyYcL7lDcwh8DaHGyuvvdqNgt4E2BHMFmBDfOY/5xrJwaNlpVz4A0vCuAtTwl2MA0HT21SvhQBPYaJ4yXA


Frazier’s Distemper Cure

Embossed, unopened bottle with paper label, contents, box and paper insert. Embossed: FRAZIER’S DISTEMPER / CURE / NAPANEE, IND. Cure was produced by the Binkley Medicine Company. 5”x 2”x 1 ½”. Original wax seal covers the corked top. Label is excellent. Box has top damage as seen but still adds to the bottle. A rare embossed cure bottle to find this complete.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/NqkSZh4xJ80FQ212vFucEw/9WG09r0L5BaRbweHftang5HMR4oTgZ-31OvsE9gdqCcXkDOQSGpVjiJpiYvkb46mkVFcoiY4hsQBdYxvz-vm9mduGk2W8vpl4fdr9b7yG1nrZuG_sEXmY4QdM20k-4AjtpLjQcN4JoleUbAUd79cQMgqOPV8oRIHvbYYkTNValk/RpAJlcZxVIkyWFGsVgvKjInzXUH2Pnlb8U4b8-jIrd0


Dr. Greenlaw’s Horse Liniment

Bottle with paper label and box from Dr. G. T. Greenlaw & Co. from Washington, D. C. “Cures” Sore Feet, Wind Galls, and Lameness. “especially adapted to Horses traveling on concrete or other hard substances.” A special formula for CITY HORSES. 7”x 2 ¼”x 1 ¼”. This is the first example of any Dr. Greenlaw medicine I have recorded. Bottle and label are excellent. Box is missing top flaps and has some stain on the reverse.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Ukj2So80fqXfLIBXhYHDjw/HElNR_fZqfKuEe-awQnGjZm7ZgV8LaV-cptF8lebuUDs0vs3JF_M0VKEIbjLdd4wMt-Pv9qxnaf_7yVXqjUsA8yELDEteV9X0xOJmiJwk4cd3Ukzg7X-aROH19k78fWvV_o9HpCTUTISpTF9FFZ1MGp5aOIsSfn-IxGKkY9U7lA/uYTicQ1Gqku3O_LsruiPr3ANveGbs0BtfV_43bwsCPA


Guarantee Distemper and Pink Eye Remedy

Outstanding, unopened box with colorful paper label and contents from the Guarantee Stock Food Company of Grand Forks, North Dakota. 6 ½”x 4”x 2”. Excellent graphics on the front label showing a horseman in a red striped shirt, leading a horse through a pasture. The front label claims “NO MORE” respiratory diseases in your horse if you use this remedy. Box is in excellent condition with crisp, bright colors and only very slight corner wear. There is a paper price sticker covering the original price. Only two previous examples have sold through VCR Auctions, the last is 2012 brought $625. For rarity and overall eye appeal, this one is bound to attract a lot of attention. Start the bidding on this top shelf remedy at $100 and head it to its new home.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/At6ExMSnZc4SWgadIfkCsA/1CsF4KjswQkaNhiyQGfyMYF6sn2wItt7uw9u28Q7jaFpRhqPvuHHBVYv1V2NT-JDBNlKeTfmqYsJy7P2nmmd_pd6phhgTL0mghRSlIqhD9KdNjOTqQOV6E6RVU5ZIe_akKwUUvqGBlOBjHmDuOCeDs6_77dnaiQ94jMuseEzR2Y/RYcejDGv3MH4Bx7wAkcyGdKaMpl2rFVo_fhtn6O8M-Q


Hamilton’s Salve and Gall Remedy

Unused, lithographed tin from Millinocket, ME. 2 ½”x 1”. Used for harness and saddle Galls. Mint condition

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/0ydkyJqZ0WFPr2Da1jVz8Q/fQzIs8IFFsQHNJcFQn82z6b0QchEIat0NUpo9XhRebLHijAJVG--YCZ092TYY0uVLQuB5xx6K2nMRsWNmbsYnOSjXBgTqHJ-QYkQb63_WJLQwap7PO69RskpuoIyG4y7z5cXGvkFL1g-2q8NACYetUZJ13w1gdJd1kUvpzeOSr4/FRPPu7v8pqmu4jbnKrfd5rDQ7YhUjr6S_plBRrbOTWU


Dr. Hess Udder Ointment

Lithographed tin with contents form the Dr. Hess & Clark Company of Ashland, Ohio. Nice large dairy cow image on the lid. 4”x 1 ¾”. Excellent condition.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/klt79h3FkGIbRj8nVGEevw/oPk-1joAcVeaMvHH1j_heEgmc_WhZAnfwDx3zM7gNrgtINYZPNWYUd6LMEP_SaloliJDNeKJZlECRaYSRPSpTbg1IVbu1f8bv-P9b6CbM3EUHc0kRpCxTf7dY5wwwOE9ex2_1lQqwszIuY8RLtqlZMIiOUOw0dDlu4idP4echG8/gadxcVGNsdijFJ4YIUj111JPStVJM2rMALw8TGYKcVI


Dr. Hobson’s Fever and Distemper Tonic for Dogs

Unopened cork top bottle with paper label, contents, and box from the Pfeiffer Chemical Company of New York. 6”x 2”x 1 ½”. Directions state that after treatment is given, “Do not fuss over them. He will make a quicker recovery if left to himself.” Two Terriers are on the front panel. The box has torn top flaps. It displays great and is quite scarce.

3 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/cex_6MQgHgJh3nK_nGzYFw/uDh5t0el16SQHLupzhOwcl0nmWxbGXFdh1mUP36etGVHxnun-QX6kjYn6hfp4sWgmI4iV1gIk0eZw2zG-lX2IJjBisCJQY-aCPaCAe6qCmsPk-ETAjfboYs6go9NGPJ_goTA0Fr9tTF4rhjS6RKb9yO-MM2Q8AmQQoWaYilEMlw/1Fe-zalsG0O4uah3rA18_HFcUqdt3x3jzFZv4bO8DFohttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/7bWn7dC_dCPrqycK7X5UkA/_jKQhc6Z3b9O4ypK8CCeXfF8hIoB_DTuRYYM4b4W7i2AWKDM5BagI5YRGldqeIvf6h1RYFibEvQS99s0NUEzIV_D2R3MnXR1Ugax9YxnYOTVHtViUKJFrNUE3OFlv_zR5r9xutlCGL8Cw3LxVtW0bggFutXtFbSWL9G9znmhdlU/zPKFOsKwC9RB2uOnjiZo17NZ6gUjvxa6YnIYYeesIuIhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/S37rufN6-YOqH_i6lM5lYQ/NuQltaJdBK9THbIKO7ysMmEms8RjgBwn_biGgC5D5SjSiX9WXEZVezlV14-D0oY8isB7dloswzfLEHmCqsoZiDJKZtsId65KeYWe1lLNBfH4OrFkZWGtA-ti0px4kvpo4DBUWHV7eGl_sHTXV4L5vGi2ltsg5lv1U7SXoQa47X4/iJ8dTv_PaW9tp1xBvM8gNaU7DRoqISEut5zFyYmpceM


Humphreys’ Veterinary Cure Oil Jar

Unopened, embossed, wide mouth jar with a three sided wrap around paper label and original contents. Embossed: HUMPHREYS MEDICINE CO. / (HORSE HEAD) TRADE MARK / NEW YORK. Labeled as for “STABLE AND FIELD USE.” 4 ½”x 2 ¾”x 2 ¾”. The paper label is lightly toned, but is complete, having only the tiniest bit of edge wear. One of these jars was included in every Humphreys’ veterinary stable case. Finding an example without a label is tough but not impossible. Finding one with a complete label is very hard. Collectors trying to complete the contents of a stable case will need to pay attention to this jar

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/HjNOp_LrxffNjBex1-JjAQ/-1p6_TNlFZc0OVz83P4QgZwPP8Is9U89ngsIGvA5AvjWmC-h8BilgalixTBytsdtUCaSwuXunkZuHO82ugLtw1JlFzDxCLW-JJrG7OjcexFH1JRwPVgavIicx9TM3adCIxki1dOJDPnMYm68l2yPyrRh_-26VU8Vfhej4KnRcjQ/BFKqwOSKC7L2DCOnb_Sbkbfz00Hrg85j6LAvh5ucBuU


International Heave Remedy

Unopened box, with contents, from the ISF Company. Super veterinary image on the front of a coughing horse. His ribs have been cut away to show the mucus and congestion in his lungs caused by Heaves. A little roughness to the edges of the front panel. 7”x 5”x 2”. Strong, bold colors. Top shelf remedy for your collection. McMurray Auctions sold the last example recorded, in 2017 for $400. Let’s see where this one lands today.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/HFt-QJukHTrruWGQlLVx1A/VEN-PBjAB9RLPM1vNjKBrnRNu8H1xAHSNzdU_6z7eGr8Ey_armte_NQouds52Zysv6jq2Cv15CFXtP5Jl2uXVzNR6C4sArgV-COpgjPLifFi-e9qVvKdiH-LFkU9L4Ekonn5_YKmQLzaaBQ1V0yb-FqOwb1Kex5y6Zxutmnnwj5YTdSUQbIPcPqCtj-KTdjd/GB-floe4WY-iLyHE8hdqGF6SWxXHowC7caGp_XO5W30


International Hoof Ointment, LARGE SIZE

Lithographed metal pail, lid and bale handle. Tin collectors call this style pail a “Peanut Butter” pail as that product was sold in this style tin around 1900. For veterinary hoof ointments, this style tin is exceedingly scarce and this is the ONLY EXAMPLE OF THE LARGE SIZE I HAVE EVER SEEN. 5”x 5”. We have sold three examples of the small size, the last in 2011 for $425. The side of the tin has an anatomical drawing of a horse’s hoof, bones and tendons of the foreleg. The lid has significant damage and paint loss. The side, front and back, display exceedingly well. This is the DISCOVERY EXAMPLE of this huge tin and I don’t expect you will ever get another opportunity to add this to your collection. Opening bid is $100 and lets go.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/plPVVuP1jOsyCBv__OHCng/Wixjfg1DRZdVKYHpgs4FSt3qmT03FbmDWIkGMqgKA8CPhwOXenHUCuXel1whAPAoiYkTGeKMAEGaEa3MXl1DcQVSVaDUhY26nLcUcorx8e2Byw9ofzM6RU3LQEppbjz5YUhhdcAKQlctVW8F5XII-a3ZZNe3NCpkbjvuVBPQSss/TFIR2WsSfQE1MNbaXJknWsS2gs0QGY-EtVIl05_HzLk


Interprovincial Heave Remedy

Unopened box with contents from the Interprovincial Stock Food Company of Fall River, MA and St. Basile, Canada. Size is 7”x 5”x 1 ¾”. Colorful, graphic, and quite rare as only one previous example has been recorded, that selling in 2002. Edge wear to the corners and some overall light toning.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/UzNeBYbUeRFVa63scuRVhg/pu9yDfTaqszPBrQru_khHTqkuOTPousr_BCdSOD2abLSlZWlDEyksUGHkMYB7GLg8Ye8wm852_YCUuYfLrVKWUH0FBjBuvoEAPDKL3ZHKCyDznagf9XNUliHbcuBOeJSV5cCA6_Cd_nCXxE_G7ghovAJQV-l0Gg-WCPeTC5xL40/HD1A6I2-8OHzJRwyCK7vfbmAHiMnzUMRn__UCM9mGho


Dr. Johnson’s Diarrhea Pills for Dogs

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents, large folded insert, and box from Dr. Samuel Johnson who owned the New York Veterinary Hospital at 117 W. 25th Street in New York City. 3 ½”x 1 ¾”x 1 ¼”. The bottle is small compared to the box, but is in excellent condition. The box is toned at the top and the name of the remedy on the outside of the box is obscured. However, as we say, at least the box survived and “FIND ANOTHER.” Only a handful of Dr. Johnson’s Dog Remedies have been recorded in the last 30 years including one other Diarrhea Pills, which sold without a box in 2006. **In 1896, a patient of Dr. Johnson’s died and the owner did not have a place to legally bury her pet in New York City. Dr. Johnson allowed her to bury her dog on a hillside in his apple orchard in Hartsdale, New York. Soon word got out and Dr. Johnson established one of the first, if not the first pet cemetery in America. Hartsdale Pet Cemetery is still active today and I believe is on the registry of National Historic Places.**

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/gnFinfq5ZBCrxq-AVc-Mlg/HqVjTrQPz6M2VuG03ntSVSgREjfQ_wrHyHHbztl1se8Sr0pvY-6gFHKBMgeGh1Vm8QWflQFiEUVRDb2MFaykZs68OkP6VuOXNQounZZz7yLC0gCNKeeHdb-w4KNikER50YGdD_wcwM-IcQ2_vqE-cuOlYy4TeepkN53CdIAA1o8/0M2WXaiMZcj6XCWGLIYkf8UtfWPwvcs4D1ScMmzqzdA


Dr. Johnson’s Distemper Remedy for Dogs

Unopened bottle with paper label, contents, large folded insert, and box from Dr. Samuel Johnson who owned the New York Veterinary Hospital at 117 W. 25th Street in New York City. Labeled as: A RELIABLE CURE. 6”x 2 ¼”x 1 ½”. Label is toned and the box has top damage as seen. The consigner purchased this bottle from a McMurray Drug store auction in 1998 and no other example have been recorded since. One of the historic veterinarians of all time and one of the earliest to treat dogs and cats.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/F9Ny4zOzRbOEF1uXOv0KDg/xkVXq3QPaKQKNjkAERS-uI_3ePjP2FxjiZPEGx8Qxj9ZWJEnctN4Hw6u3pvzGFJU56QDfaY2Km1OLnSM7fEyzC9oPFutyKcIcckX0hTDKw2sazlFbdS49Ye2VuSEMQLLkrnupJMUlPON8uvN5JLN8w/2gHh5EKblh-FZxbyMLXjF85BOygYJgXB5OM_wXdYJJo


JOINTINE for Joint Disease

Cardboard slide box with paper labels from T. B. Bowman of Boone, Nebraska. Photo of a horse with swollen joints on the lid. 4”x 3”x 1 ¼”. Light toning and handling wear overall. Previously unrecorded company and medicine. Most likely a unique survivor.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/QrYjorJUhY8pghPj9tbVXw/h9QJKqIZl_wKnqL5Qsuj5x_e6slzDjWx97EYuPq-dIDDqIhPdY5SlR8O6cbxd0NRBVvcHOPRQVX5EweVokdT7idmgovydPy9jCsucl0uZ9Sl406qfLoiSpRoBICLoSq4KnSePA5uIzc18_-P5CKGUw/dl9iS-NqOcVbfPeZpgbuPle3drWmUF2NMF6iBovybUs



Bottle with partial contents, paper label and box from the Bickum Company of Mass. Contents are liquid catnip and alcohol. “KITTY’S FRIEND.” 3 ¼”x 1 ¼”. Top two box flaps are taped in place. Bottle and label are excellent. Box has a nice black cat image. This is the first example of this catnip product we have ever offered.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ByJ09wZ2PAO5x0gGuqnWfw/24_kgpjXBR8MGVc9QxNQ9GEGT3ehpvSQRfEPFqzM9TZNVYjWlQYbuy51qlzz5Fo5VZTBWwgasxvT6rlhj44F6YVsqKgYfPdLbMoNslHy667VES288oVWkt66FUlF7WShFpBLmRBmJeisObrt9lnwDE5eLhyNjPWK_weAwDgmn68/B6TjTsipA7s5ia8rPTmBTe86us8k49KBItpQicpxv5k


KNOCK-EM-STIFF Flea Soap for Dogs and Cats

Cardboard box with of partially used soap bar. From the KNOCK-EM-STIFF Product Company of Boston. Aggressive looking Pit Bull on the front panel. 3 ¼”x 2 ½”x 1 ¼”. The additional use on the cat is printed on the back. Box has some minor edge wear but is complete. Only two examples have been recorded.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/a7d62CsJRtlHXskTiAM-VQ/YsqcTkLPPod9nxDZ0cxzWvFml2QWmzBF02Z5nuGGqkZDrNzYwpcA3_oW672Uw6mkT7OEgrph2PYPR4URn9CCzLMTzTEwIaLWNe9c9pO-ibnpexq-12oLeUrmvTx-04lb5PnqS8rOXqfP7NsnklJx0C3tCX_IhJAVLaofkxkMs3c/-vEFnTh7FSzu2gEA95eBxtKcBPBk4BrhxE8h0XNZEzY


Dr. Korinek’s Antiseptic Gall Powder

Unopened canister with wrap around paper label and contents from Korinek Veterinary Remedy Company of Portland, Oregon. 3”x 2”. Excellent condition with no damage. Rare medicines from the Pacific Northwest. I’ve only recorded three total remedies from this company over the years.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/eRvZFcyOn9bMJU2MWGZPXQ/qL2QrUeOWvYnbWsw7Fm95c-dHSaTcwuwztlsLhD_jFAgb0vIbMUQGmHyaRi00K9FYDPUimxQCehiGInu1zwP-yuq3wqwiufhRcg6JzhNGgbtwtg4jskz0Vw2-CKBoIxQbKN4DEDyXRx_5fFnFLN04N_3V-c0XcxkWN5xcAOcW6U/gYK-04fb3y0cDL_R8RAKuIHVeyPuv1u1o4emUpErypE


Dr. Korinek’s Fever Capsules

Box with original contents of six large boluses from Korinek Veterinary Remedy Company of Portland, Oregon. 3”x 3”x 3”. Box says: THIS CAPSULE DOES NOT DETERIORATE WITH AGE. After 100 years, I’m guessing the effectiveness has diminished. Box has some damage to the top edge and top corners. We sold this example, the only one ever recorded, in 1999 and here it is again.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/o6sW3rNAlTBN8_9mAmOSGw/CuTVyI4FmgeEGjVx4jbZwRzlU2OobTxVCLJUwzSSeAHiswpDlOlX7f4n_7ud76UjOSNZJVJ8tg3L18D53hyOvkiWHJvFox8_mDu6TvaptMRn0xnjxbcjTOFCHztUcaiEh6EgWF8YVLe5v1tDGZ5gezRMivOb8Rb2ibvG6XqLG7Q/G3cqQro1v0-HCMPHOcjvb8lFYhRdQ_gYTCnnPf9K28s


Labaree’s Fever Drops

Embossed bottle with paper label, contents, and box from the Labaree Veterinary Medicine Company of Bellows Falls, Vermont. Embossed: LABAREE’S / FEVER DROPS. 4”x 1 ¼”x 1 ¼”. Label extends to two sides of the bottle and has some light stains. Box has top damage and is toned. A few Labaree veterinary cabinets have come out over the years and this is a natural go-with.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/rpYJFr9T3baMJDc8yx25xg/k3yL1VzZLOmrY73qlpO37LXg0E8ZNO8s1xTq6JOxpGId7gJ4J7-zc4pJuS6BQO9_z9piF-7elqWmCWr8wlfTEo7R5KtwSlrdIpOoHz0jW4IlEGpbUkhtzGb6tz28qEjyTGwkO62SuNnSxoxNrciI8nHr5R9_Rgy7vrMfBD5I6Co/UqMUbwiXOqIPVVAgruNVD-Gst6_3Hihfc-B96czei9I


Dr. LeGear’s Head Lice Remedy

Unopened, lithographed tin with contents from the Dr. LeGear Medicine Company of St. Louis. 2 ¾”x 1”. Used for Head Lice on poultry and all kinds of birds. Excellent condition.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/wk-Aq7NzlIZZjGPCd_hluQ/RvtHH2dx7BPGEyWN3qh8KgSGkjXdvbObynEvJf7jfBnLmaw2hUjfHdkvrR0ESRM5tRCHO47d1D2Dfcsa2_yWlHhGqSBJdQvWVPlGZjUuuGHExsoBi8r8lZdJ_-coBS5lhgKw9unR-f7q6iSjVLSGEngsbTLMpPf0S-nbL4ISHGc/k1T9S4Ft2vcsV_MMBLGcXU3EvNZUTsnsPZdB73eGeIQ


Dr. Lesure’s Healing Balm Liniment

“A VETERINARY PREPARATION.” Bottle with paper label, partial contents, and box from Dr. J. G. Lesure of Keene, New Hampshire. 6 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”. An astringent and healing lotion for livestock. The blood red label extends to three sides and is in **MINT **condition. The box has torn off top flaps and damage to the top inch. The main top flap is still with the box, just unattached. The bottle is a killer example worthy of any collection.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/rirkGpTmwU_eAL_0pFrKaw/GloxLG-0CxTM56iOyUa6mugvIUESNfEUAPrdbv-GMx6BkX4wHO6L7VMdgRgbngdulqKDnrraaiiEj8Gg0DZXeqxb2fL36jKBfBxJjBJsBFQBJ8dESxL7NgbpyYMy5gsTvK_amrmTKVCSsBAOAGj4of6GfrBOk6pVOW4tb6WX5vs/3ZCQWT1Qhytb1h6Z1qUdWr_8wXfRr3m9WLpfPRQWytE


Dr. Lesure’s Worm Annihilator

Large cardboard box with a dozen individual dose boxes inside with original contents. “FOR THE PERFCT ANNIHILATION OF ALL KINDS OF WORMS THAT INFEST HORSES.” 3 ¾”x 2 ½”x 2 ¼”. This has the Drug Act date on the lid. Great color on all sides. Right lower corner of the lid has a crease and torn piece that has been stabilized with archival tape on the inside. Small scuff on bottom edge of lid also. Displays well, rare and very desirable. One of my favorite names for a veterinary medicine.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/LCq0Lwwv-GLvU1WudeBuVw/Z7rKIYlDk-nN2cjm5EKkGwypiRaSTyvIzKbg-eJ7DkT4kOvJOapuoY8_Z-6iVafbe61ywE3Ng4zos3JVBR0RzR_ku81VXYMS_t93fB1hzQOGQqm6YOEn6e864gUj2bygfp2vvrOUs2QmCJBJ4V7V9p2tbaxpxYJLil0ID4FpkTk/hyvYnZKNnnveGxtcB75JXI8NZe1akhJq_O1TKabREHU


Lions Stock Remedy

Metal canister from the Live Stock Remedy Company of St. Louis. Very impressive logo, of a Lion with full mane, on the front. 6”x 5”. This was sold as a worm destroyer, bowel regulator, and conditioner. I have seen this remedy in larger sizes, but this smaller size is rare. Very good condition generally with some spotty oxidation scattered about and a few dings. Could stand a little cleaning to improve its appearance. Strong colors.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/sFc5etLiwKAE5-amI2zpPg/LbvMY-w2nj3TRKnCjpmqdaztvoh0SsmAIx6k2mMhYgY83fP3RWNLYgMqyzowOvT8oE0tumYoFdN-KLA9nMDQWthV-Xt6lGlWo17Nuc5c1nB34NtCMIMX5WO3ktiAKmk7HBgmstQrd8LuKoM0que34O314ooROKclBHHUUCbYGI4/YfYI4uTjTnnRtZ198McvuyJHsDNfo1avd6e04pN5pTQ


Mack’s $1000 Spavin Remedy

Unopened, embossed bottle with contents, paper label, and box. The name comes from the one thousand dollar guarantee that you would receive if the remedy failed. Embossed: MACK’S THOUSAND DOLLAR / SPAVIN REMEDY / MCKALLOR DRUG CO. / BINGHAMTON, N.Y. 6 ½”x 3”x 1 ½”. Remedy for Bog and Bone Spavin. Label extends to three sides of the bottle and is in excellent condition. Bottle has original wax seal over the cork. Box has top damage as seen as well as most of the bottom flaps. This is a very scarce bottle with the last example selling in 2011. The company produced this remedy to compete with the Save-The-Horse Spavin Remedy from the same town.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/3Wmq4g35fvjLn4LwaHpAEA/6ZPQfB48vveKeROSOzbKqipuTe2DChHTI2EWQPfHIv48CONZcMSxlexhS3W3QrzJGPgGLNcTMLoJjU68g914ZOaqCgZBUMLCi1qjZWdE5f3S9NA60uNU7u2yk6DxnNDDg3Di78A7kCKmb4hxYUHNCbku3gh18V3KRiZIHmul2fU/x-CwYYYPqvkRQUwPHRtq_QthJ5_j6HXx_VKaPSuai5c


Merchant’s Gargling Oil Liniment

Huge, embossed bottle made of cobalt blue glass and retaining a three sided paper label. Embossed: GARGLING OIL / LOCKPORT, N.Y. 7 ½”x 3”x 2”. Originally contained 41% alcohol. Label has some edge wear and one small area of paper loss next to the “G” in Gargling . Label is currently under clear plastic to protect it from damage. Merchant’s Gargling Oil is considered to be the f**irst mass-produced veterinary patent medicine in America,** commencing production in 1833. It was originally produced to treat the Galls on horses pulling barges along the Erie Canal. Add to this the rarity of blue glass patent medicine bottles, and you have a truly historic veterinary patent medicine. The last comparable example we sold brought $250 in 2011.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/1qIqbL3Jq04eKmqGdf42CA/i4r3TXNgUju8cjFi_jAVzScK8IIN5Dgvw8yp57VA_J6pQIel1MPePMM0zf1UqdZ-8LbEVSy0LPNGMYxdgrb1KcjlNysDJWPtGs5Mhr4uUnm7-wIZ7nPZvkFk4zvDlSolFy-jyw1Yx2_WzEQsQqZLyF4nmKPT8cs9pfJX4K2Yxi0/FiL_Pm0Jea5f5Ftr0ZNL895bmzKELuy4WxxZmHXJNkY


Moyer’s Condition Powder

Unopened box with paper label all around and contents produced by Howard Moyer, Druggist from Quakertown, PA. 7”x 3”x 2 ½”. Used on all livestock as a “SURE AND EFFICIENT CURE” for Coughs, Distemper, and lung, kidney and bladder troubles. Package has some very small bug holes along the right edge. Good color and displays very well.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/sKpzNdt8qdvhuU7l5juYCQ/wEzByhE2dNRzSZ-bTJ1BSY183oXL2SAyzF-zjxpPD5eYKnJ2Hq-10u7_qjkovUpLnB3VA7mHr6tf83YW24gCfPEzbzheW5WUUEQBmO9cROXHkBOJ81UAKXRR8a6h15_Lq_pCOx_bQNcvaj1ZidVjb3a24oo606QBdd2amsBQoU8/fj_C6tIgyD1L-cSXT8gnWyR6e-XhZojnvTCNw1WTDCY


Dr. Norwood’s Veterinary Colic Cure

Cardboard box with paper labels, two embossed bottles, and a glass dose vial from Dr. J. N. Norwood, V. S. of Naugatuck, Connecticut. 4”x 3”x 1 ½”. Very scarce cure medicine from a desirable company as I have only recorded three previous examples selling in the last 31 years. So, average one chance to buy this cure every ten years. Paper label on the front of the box has some paper losses along the edges but does not really detract from it. The top panel of the box is detached but present. Would look really nice in your Dr. Norwood glass front display cabinet.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/IO8QdXylN4btZq2bdj2XPw/Onop8j96ta6osNYvsqCJO_1Ok_nJdKT0sRd1a7oAHuX26_9F-VMEZkREUHnWHkkzoA9BWxK2Fps-r7f7plhSOlR5GoGLWjp09JCUnxEj9PToYpoFWeN5no329VdzlTuKuj6tFHf4uyVO_1dDn9mz0kFWBr7kn7u3ugvKacJUH2s/VaY4XlLNHqn7W5USxYoC3eC2pWa9KyIhuMCiQLpTg8s


Dr. Norwood’s Veterinary Kidney Powders

Box with a full complement of Kidney Powder packets from Dr. J. N. Norwood, V. S. of Naugatuck, CT. This is the larger of two sizes the company sold. 5 ½”x 3”x 2”. Box is complete but there is wear and light staining all around the box. Still in acceptable collecting condition as it displays pretty well, and only about a half dozen of these have ever come to auction.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Bx-HgulkXyQm6czKMjejfg/01IQt_u4NimjGBYGr9WXZxNGkfl0Ra-_WKIDft3fJuZAnLdraqoXiosq_iHPAhhnjUGlxh_xEg-4Vw9DZc4HCF3ACjFNzb1a1Ix5yAljchnU7JDlFLHvPdJfPOtCcWcyMyRmTaw6rYOG5cO2gQrK0P6KwBcr0AZGl7x35vvF4OA/AN0DVwOmOJmxAfEpiYI-_yIA8yMNrQSy1xLl62p22sg


Old Home Veterinary Gem #4 Gold Medal for Colic

Sealed and unopened package with bottle from the Old Home Veterinary Remedy Company of Knoxboro, New York. 6”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”. All of these GEM remedies are very scarce. Only four (4) total examples from this company have ever been recorded. Two of these are #4 for Colic, but neither of those examples had the original box. The last #4 was recorded in 1998, twenty-six (26) years ago. The paper wrapper over the box is torn along the top edge of the front panel, but the package has never been opened. Impressive Veterinary Gem.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/DwhKkeEGsMIBs90MYg58tg/SIBIdQEEb9SBi_dAifZ1U6YmeW-01LNF7I4opkpbQ8OTlIucIIhn8zSlzrTXV6yfta0VeR40nD68tEsQL61cYLkysyUC41-fL9_aljq6BTKg_6UFDIBliIKvxEKImLyH4EWUJh6RXe-JP-Ogppf4oFxqz0GGe9B4CZJvzhZLR6I/b-dzZjVjKgfk06FGpHTyyPtAAyglWkd5GTe-LvOkdKQ


Old Home Veterinary Gem #5 Gold Medal Healer

Sealed and unopened package with bottle from the Old Home Veterinary Remedy Company of Knoxboro, New York.  6 ½”x 3”x 2 ¼”. Only the sixth total example from this company to ever be recorded. We sold the only other #5 Healer example in 1999 for $135.  The paper wrapper over the box is excellent with the just the tiniest corner wear at the top. The package has never been opened. Find another!

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/jIWeE5HSvQGuW_GnsZLXnQ/VxooBxoB0AADKywL4jHfeVlwoWGjSVo1ey_TwGGS3S28cyN8JhjlVA-ZSaJrwPwBWjsAooET2Pb7Ec0swul8CTFwEE7kADGybWhALupm7wWSums1tQVC0mWFF6QUagk-uwXy8_UenENeLmFmwfLwcuotTQxUOv5n7Bo8PQ_AU8c/CP-q9FrAWjDVh5XHP1Skj79WXQxMs4IZbOZBtdj8rfY


Philadelphia Bird Food Company, Red Grave

Colorful, unopened cardboard box with contents. 6”x 3”x 2”. “Gravel is as essential as seeds to caged birds.” Proper care of canaries is printed on the reverse of the box. Very good condition overall with just minor handling wear.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/XQGWcy1DRmIzheYxC4wniQ/tRFkBtboOfsHqfEPjzhwLQSjn8G9j_dkqLIH2BNl9VavFaOKxuqheykqTFXonUsuppkUbOe2wj2Eahj6fZTIb-NvuBaJdf0AXvb8kGtAZ3SWQV5zgINL-IYM3HnEoWMRLuQHpCT3QYq11QxaFNWKSw/9sPwlXWzOLUrcYqlL0oSYi3f4HmNBcT6ex1wURoryC4


Q-W Pine Bar Dog Odor Chaser

Unused bar in original paper wrapper enclosed in a slide out cardboard box produced by Q-W Laboratories of Plainfield, New Jersey. 2 ½”x 1 ½”x ¾”. “A pine scented perfume bar. Dog odor is just a memory.” Slight handling wear to the box on this unused, scented bar. Not a soap, but a bar you rub down your dog’s back to kill odor.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/Y3UDnR3U-sy8li496Ih6Xw/5oFpx5C3Wo5W-18o0eG0iDJofPLjG8QwsOCRvA7geTVK8A06o3KjnNXSu0wkuw-21omyv3JVX8U2K39oZ0GtoSIjTbY-zKraKl4opMGSvhOhvGXp9Xv-sADViESna2ER0Gc_3NY3WVw0SAKzuW06jYVA97JqzXcSe2nW0kuv_gY/oMblUcCP4DY3gyc2tlSQj3gI8dd-FLo_Ib3rex7RpWs


Ranger Flea Soap

Bright red cardboard box with wrapped, unused bar from Ranger Products of New Haven, CT. German Shepherd Dog drawing is the logo and he sort of resembles Rin Tin Tin. 3 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”. Condition is very good overall with some scuffing on the sides, but the front panel is excellent.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/sVB3eCUrTD_1AQcmL67fUQ/RSYGYc6ipuiiaGf9j8oAETba6-ingBD7gT7onoRX9mA93qmktlAJcOWAr1sTgE3j4RvPIHucagFV0gG6tS4AzHQH1jm3NAo3l4iyO6ju3qPF7Vg8Fz0akCTx8t2GsCvTRI87xIronhmC7fPVztHDepoL5dLzQMAgO-AUsJOdrcw/kDjay8wepoYvPMAFHk__qUrjfKbvqnAClXdHbzrQc9k


Rex Conditioner

Unopened box with contents from the Rex Company of Omaha, Nebraska. 8”x 4”x 2 ½”. Box has good color and displays very well. Excellent example overall.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/yhNJiD9zUzn0hlrhRimQig/nOdznCqlDFQaeIJK1uVlXEtTN-tDS4eUX93lD0yaLpYPmF0NHbATUj9WiKTz6ttqejdw3RkpwrszO9VQHdyjviH70-_RvSgMZafUK9Uxvt2YD9CpEXIgqoT6f1LOjFkBkw8XB4OcPWaXsw3-vUegohmq32yaexseOOWRFbCjM1g/HR0-QuCQDPVHeOt9Ms8UqqJUYOrob_CCbprOFC0AfTY


Safe-T-Kros Veterinary Colic Remedy

Very large dose style bottle with paper label from the Veterinary Remedy Company of New York. 10”x 2 ½”. Used for Spasmodic, Gas, or Flatulent Colic in horses, mules or cattle. Contained 1.75 grains of Opium as listed on the label. Bottle label wraps completely around the bottle and has and minor paper losses at the edges. The central image and logo: “GUARDS THEM ALL” displays very well. This is only the second Save-T-Kros Colic Remedy to show up. The last was recorded in 1996. Very rare veterinary company and colic remedy.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/1GZH-gMvZVbKIpvNCTWOUQ/dHja3kXPS_bGcq-8GW8aL1tzJPX_pz45iL0WgQ5EAczJOzCV0qq0N546q5qQKlIEwsSIZjHOdM205Yx2FkOQqlYSxvcucfc9SSuvIGyLsHQ8c7PLFahTx_ncfAGDI3Q0AF9dS7wHbBpuOiF1-e37jM_MJKrgwNk5HKPR4rqxxmM/upaAWEMvMV0sjq79JiTczljrasnA-Aaz1KjqgqVX-ts


Security Antiseptic Healing Powder, Small size

Lithographed tin with shaker style top from the Security Remedy Company of Minneapolis. 4 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”. This is the 25 cent size, but the original price has been scratched out on the front. Labeled for animal use only. Colorful central logo, of farmer on plow being pulled by a pair of horses. The front panel displays very well. The back panel has significant wear to the paint. Still a desirable tin.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/CKnNcHUsCqwGlbxub6iMiA/r-yJBPUNy6QDHG2SZKQ3QbFJC9-CjDBlIDSDYc9L_NrlZ4kBrIru_PefhCxMh5ak7pg1GXh-AvtsnpnqQ4srxxrVWCQ5B9gY8pGnoy2AodegalxRBwj2SWmwQw6-IkkGVJURiOTfE0l7_uyEeawg1GG6lFKEa7_ni7M4B5Bkj8E/MY-KsOxNRPtJ8Vc_iM7IHWTpxq74cNyx3RhRfxR_avQ


Security Antiseptic Healing Powder, Large size

Lithographed tin with shaker style top from the Security Remedy Company of Minneapolis. 6 ¾”x 3”x 1 ½”. This is the 50 cent size, but the original price has been scratched out on the front. Labeled for animal use only. Colorful central logo, of farmer on plow being pulled by a pair of horses. Condition is very good with only minor wear. A large and impressive tin.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/uuY3Rw6LiR3Gpzxa6tJ9uA/wwKPBZL1EXrhM2DsEOcvbvp8qdykXeCkaosBxGJW7uZJPhV_jwPutyeirHh8ChbXOWMeCG1p9YqO_eIHQ2OMHlAPjC0czqHh3By1vvmFrC3cEp8m7zNDnNIobnKnprjryVBuG8IU8gQKuDoNIQc92n5XXxG9RGwzdNte0cvLP24/Q-8XvihtvD5VTuMDaeLVbC1H44j3bJBviUc8EchJ46s


Security Horse and Mule Condition Powder

Unopened canister with wrap around paper label from the Security Remedy Company of Minneapolis. 5 ¼”x 5 ½”. Condition overall is excellent. The label has one minor paper chip along the bottom edge. The canister displays great and should be a welcome addition to any collection.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/B-VLB7GazsW0YO54euxZuQ/9RrLHgN1HrruTa1YlFXg6VFNhRp3M55Hn415cr9TK475b_rIOxPayvYHnjiRcffjuruMAEkwETYEElrW3VzVaqUyfXHvoSDZQg3VuvxFuqx5w811c9NLUeUCFpzyRxprs1MXfN_xYJzw3eiXGVGjWYfNVg5S578IW8EXUHSzVTI/VQBcsWehQg3Q0pFUp1omIYBWnqGq5ceEGLjtCaNcFA0


Smith’s Cough and Distemper Remedy

Bottle with complete wrap around paper label, contents and box from Dr. E. J. Smith of Greenwich, New York. 5 ½”x 2 ¼”x 1 ¼”. Label is stained as you can see. Box is mostly intact but is missing side flaps and part of the right side panel. Great logo on the front panel.

3 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/pakdu60LMRFUxAQ-qWzMNA/UpZQsEdyeUU48TVrK4il261y-UgPsuOLbOfw-3BeG1lTo6jk3i6zGPzMX5DfytoW33t-taxgffCtCh6mtYX36ke1rhv70i7x9C2FTJEKA4YF74ffdGJttD92iZAS3I3_R-zXYEasjTw5Ia3dmMHlXv0MQNpJNqKw6jUSYXkC4RA/yfBB_aO-aFgCAQmNmnjTBLWG_56qe-Jl99ETRKw8w7shttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/VduCSDZhtoEgY-hnFjID4g/3G8HEJS8rH_RH2946nGv28LQs0M5HNlf_aTYfPERTs9Zkn068G7DFQJaYb2NKmo2Hl9KKJXWyr5-QqcyXcIvq09PZJ6AjzxPD-rYof2MszpONDjU8JfqhbZFDReF2rJwbL1PiAMwCfWD3h_GX5zES_KQjyCBahLc25S8WWYPUTo/d8WeRzFczas8GKS7-ra7hCbM7ZNgOrriLnj24yPCu-8https://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/dUL3yo8slyqcNdi3sT_3kA/0GSZqH68h-HxqOvzzAM7S4y-2oj9A0C9dFld16G7JqyLvUbadbhFCjyvAQrtSPLoxQZg4wTeZHel0Ix65ZENX1T7Yisk5kkNRjiEY0klvibPxyBPE9WfDz3tPFBAEychKdjo56tEyn975MygwPxIUjztch1VJChvCi5um30jMkY/S0Pi1dKvdR7_6mK8C48FrGrTkpOB_R4uKKGGG0zYYzI


St. Bel’s Hoof Ointment

Early, lithographed tin with contents from the Marvin, MFG. Company of Franklin, Pennsylvania. A “POSITIVE CURE FOR CRACKED HEEL, SCRATCHES, and GREASE HEEL.” 2 ¾”x 2”x 2”. Neat hoof illustration on two sides with directions on the reverse. Some very minor scattered paint chipping. Another DISCOVERY medicines that we have never seen before. Pre-1900 Hoof Cure tin.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/xRtMb33hFGMqZm2g6eRfWw/E0UXtPA0MWV3eMWfiPe8OYyBHi5UvOHXn3ZEw_3KAQ5S_gBl26YENAW3XqZSC9dEkPcBYhRKzI0R2FvM-2SRnr2Fza8Kpw2zrcWTmBJhnUxGXBtw49_KZw9qYK1WFOH_U8YISvkM_QS-WJpldEVfQFm2GL_L7KKgy5H68BVw5fc/FvNDIgNFHiMWHLK1tagaID-h6DvxwIkQ6RZCWs1LtQQ


Stanley’s Anti-Flea Dog Soap

Unused bar still wrapped in paper, within the outer cardboard box. Made by the John Stanley Company of New York. Bulldog graphics are on the front and back. The colors are strong, but the box has some light water stain, especially on the back. It displays well and the dogface is impressive. 3 ½”x 2 ½”x 1 ½”. A pretty scarce soap

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/h_0zUU-uIpdbTUiI-3qdBQ/1tH4PFO1WzJ5HNEP2_mSUy9FN9z5v4tfTHkmwcJwuoMwzMTBT_vLg6cWEB7KxS4yo7G5nX5vUJvcjxtcHelg0J9Y2mlgNQ7_kbdLzjZ2jlNhWw9HuIyQwVs388Ii9W1teC1m5ZkOzhsmobAq71fMhQ/CYvOgVN2d5aH1-KMNN3k3a5m-TbeAI6R38fuibtZzWM


Zenco Dog Soap, Trial Size

A complete package with box, paper insert, and unused soap bar. Bold box with the Boston Terrier image on the front and back. There is some minor scuffing on both sides of the box. FREE SAMPLE. 3”x 2”x ½”. “KILLS FLEAS!” Produced by the Zenith Novelty Company of New York.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/F_Y5TzkVZ1Kf1esYECgjVQ/8mbHwOT8m6cZoy1ikQUleCmGd_n0sa9OJATdGj1ibx6xGI1o_g2nD_BH3KasNvr4dNlG7YNQ3KZzXVIJ-wlabrTDz4guSd8Pzh86R4Vgv4d3hkmVzQ-GABWUiwMnaOmpiExOHIKIqtFezIM718uQlNjYe-eqVN00yvejeNkmFYc/3kEG9eK7PsW1H1V7HT1gzWHRQo1Kc9nFQHRrnPd3gqw


Drs. Daniels’ & Glover Booklets, Lot of Four (4):

Daniels’ Cow Invigorator and The Horse booklets are excellent. Daniels’ Dog Doctor has some chipping to the cover, otherwise very good. Glover’s Diseases of the dog shows some minor wear but is interesting because of the sticker saying the booklet was presented directly by Dr. Glover. Lot of Four (4).

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/eXo8m-5G2yTUeYPgrOCVtw/1Zqk-R-DXuKqdqWn7TqIGqTjFZDIonQDCbExJwXDDa_T5GbgS7laSx4NaBOsDuZBGy3QgD9V35dYc82E6ncIw3AkQFCiF7BXVEmnWMXdGYpBwY_PLKGPp4HH_Mbcn8A3rLXJBWre0M1kLEs__RHu6UQxXVqZNFapWZI7Mf6ki0s/udwnjOj3aPAvhn6-JMdJMi9iOO0udI3Ghw9tkTNSIAU


Dr. Daniels’ Condition Tablets for Dogs, Lot of Five (5):

Five (5) sealed, glass vials with original contents and paper labels. Three with yellow labels and two with orange labels. 3 ½”x ¾”. All are in unused condition.

3 imageshttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/lAnEfKSu2pGdbID5QUQ4dA/1uxcyK6yZFEcWdkRtNz4ObxcfzYJOdrYbj9Sqo5crwqs6tfVCMx2clbzAB1zexhVyViLHlGU7mz6-qNTln5RWlmeb15InIFJFhbt36gi3y2pldGHIF1ms6G6KlTbTuaS_6QFqC2jyftJTDpglrz_FQYOGu_zUWUGO9auKKY3Vrk/IGirTmfkvI0pv0lvT5yO0qtZa_zcwlGqCCGOTh-V9Kohttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/8Wqke6DjvHk2lw0BRk3akg/boA3N0fLp7JmYMbNDo0pxYG1nhmyabTSMAu9s5Zk7DHcz36GJdloHCIvDr2Y1nxZ3eH2ICR5KFxQ3-6REFjJjiY5jb27sqdLDbRMAeUKpBFPxJyl-rWpVlAw9aM3kOc-QkWGBXz9W9_kjEhtTL7cxuhF6REbcjn1fTOmAZKYe-4/_Uuoe9WevgLVcxsUWNqma_55wi1XueTGHKWLeiLChHAhttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/ppZZPB6Edl6r5EGjNsKbGQ/Hf1XQ4wF5oq_jNmHbMAu-LplFdAWQ2bL8V6mg6jzNj46eP8h-sxKs1r540UIj5BT9PTc5lZ4Jeh_PZiRglbYAAKe7_68tE7aq3qrc2p8FryH8GaF4ycdu6X7gLAY8W6EqFxfz8HzFkE6iweVN6MPkTIqOo_5nyRIvJhUgoArEgw/D4rMnhwj0rDJddUDvtOhD4zLqAi-om7rC0TDRN_uNhw


Dr. Daniels’ Catnip Lot of Three (3):

Two sealed and unopened Catnip Mice packages and one sealed and unopened Catnip linen bag. These are probably c1950-60.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/gUR_UtOXNLsU2gdXusWKkg/BoxHv4c5vYiDsxSNdNGWbJWllwKlpSgb7-aZi4F3WkBaeV0gA4qCu_-gz4q5qdanTkkSljCAe9y4gMJJ9Ok00Qlk1M5LkPCM5NeTIdXdMwlUU8nES_9WOoNzkkgMqfgc3_vBqVezPAyFT7iqgykWJoATjO3c-11SE75WOpgWsOo/PLrCYp7AO0tTEcYmE0_5V0O36XHFqvaPhWQgqYwULxY


Dr. Daniels’ Group Lot of Twelve (12):

Hoof ointment tin with three Hoof ointment free sample tins, several unused blue boxes for various remedies, and a few throw in items to round out the dozen.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/veRK2Xyyq2NlkJ-ACS0nzg/lFgUU2d8CodfPN5Ho6NjloNRhi-L5VozgtUN7D51_na3jep6Wagj_3B0AfmjJl4j8MF70vEN2-yzLywsO8qgqK-39Ui0-FuHN2avMTpQ7c1enX5CH1baQQryLnGGkJzLGZVtNXfATFI1iax9B6GLqWGKcCX74q09yiBC7SpZ6f8/z0ybfyx_CEJoSTQdHXRcT1z89OB9zIwVnX9BEIpQBtk


Dr. LeGear’s Roup Remedy, Lot of Four (4):

Early, unopened canisters with colorful paper labels and contents. Used to treat a variety of respiratory diseases in Poultry. 3 ¾”x 1 ¾”. Two are mint and the other two have very minor flaws. These have a great early look to them. Lot of four (4) for one money.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/OSvOSu_oKgIVp02M1k5GnQ/b6epSbpisfn6-fLy2R_T9um--kx2QupazDE05-ltSunhcCL8ke-eZZCe8-JYLbAQP80UKXEK-6esU1pmeh7bS1eOQEFclNl563m7D1ou0tlvB6eOW856o6w6duEVlkH0eqLuLWi-ui5xBopHBUxiSjr7S_-49ejCAsAQ_Dgu5KI/kbH2wVtt2sRZpcBR-NmCXXpEIjNZV0N_y_UL9iWT12k


Dr. LeGear’s Mixed Group, Lot of Four (4):

Lot contains two Dr. LeGear stock booklets, Antihistamine Tabs for dogs with contents, and a celluloid pin of Dr. LeGear, THE GIANT HORSE. The pin is in pretty rough condition. The other items are in very good condition overall. Lot of Four (4) items.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/M_qU3PoIEMGKfKB8U8dpjg/xd_JCDYis0bBsdIWUK25k0C7slFhfASHhD8cJIj8C6g-ZoCIkkkRaKwK2QqLs5K2WuVx0OxkvpkCvWrtyIVfoIafs82IR86qvTR_XJ04YOpnbrAKdItYKnhwIJKzdCNckPDLSeobPaHhVEeKhTZKRnVJ4dxgTNTsjw2hcerJrzk/sfRll9K1osi57uTBhjkKXzgwTWEdYTrNcm0zxrTp1Aw


Sergeant’s Skip-Tick Powder for Dogs, Lot of Eleven (11):

Unopened and unused new old stock canisters with paper labels from the Polk Miller Corporation of Richmond, VA. 5”x 2 ½”. These are c1940’s. All have a grease pencil price of 75 cents. All are in excellent condition. Lot of 11 for you high bid.

1 imagehttps://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v3/u/29/29/1718373600000/oK_pe_KM4BxV2VbOZWIwpQ/twV_sgRXYUdtXvBolKB2GQfeESDhIpbF6ggXNY1oVOUejq9dvPW3Irl7hz5AZIXUPjTCwfh_pPW0I4LMB651U__83LxzhngPG-26YKRRcLYiQZ7iOtdxM40jG25j23tBUMgHsi8Bxjz9Gkm-43QN8Mg2ogwaKGMBoyY-hrkYECc/6iWnXq9nW5y6Kjhtjr2Lpn-_6p9c7uZ-y9SGcKduUZw


Sergeant’s Tick Killer for Dogs, Lot of Two (2):

Unopened and unused new old stock canisters with paper labels from the Polk Miller Corporation of Richmond, VA. 5”x 2 ½”. These are c1940’s. Near mint condition.